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“What in the World” Quiz WINNER – Week of Oct 26

“What in the World” Quiz.

international-work-globe-flagsCongratulations to this week’s “What in the World” quiz winners who will be entered in a drawing for a prize at the end of the month.

Week of October 26th Winners

  • Pat Miletich – history and government teacher at University School of Nashville
  • Dick Bowers, U.S. Foreign Service (Retired)
  • David Hillinck – teacher at Randolph School, Huntsville, AL

Monthly Prize Drawing/Announcement on October 31st.

Well done!

Check for the answers below. How did you do?

Check your global affairs awareness every week with ten questions taken from news reports over the previous week. In addition to reporting in a variety of sources we highlight them on Twitter — @TNWAC #tnwacquiz. Follow us @TNWAC to keep up with global developments and Council events.

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“What in the World” Quiz

Q.1. – The UN Secretary General was in the Middle East last week to talk with the leaders of Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian authority about prospects for peace. Who are these officials?

A. Ban Ki-moon, King Abdullah, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yasir Arafat
B. Benjamin Netanyahu, King Abdullah, Mahmoud Abbas, Xi Jinping
C. Mahmoud Abbas, Benjamin Netanyahu, King Salman, Ban Ki-moon
D. Benjamin Netanyahu, Ban Ki-moon, King Abdullah, Mahmoud Abbas


Q.2. The United Nations observed its 70th anniversary on October 24th. Which Tennessean received the Nobel Prize in 1945 for his role in the creation of the UN?

A. John Sevier
B. Cordell Hull
C. Alvin York
D. George C. Marshall


Q.3. Secretary of State John Kerry met in Austria last week with key leaders to consult on the path ahead in Syria. Those leaders represented these countries:

A. Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia
B. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan
C. Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia
D. Israel, Jordan, Iraq


Q.4. – This is the flag of what country whose Prime Minister met with Secretary Kerry this week for discussions about security in South Asia.


A. Tadjikistan
B. Afghanistan
C. Azerbaijan
D. Pakistan

Q.5. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad left Damascus for consultations with the leader of this ally who has deployed forces to support his rule.

A. Iran
B. Russia
C. Iraq
D. Turkey


Q.6. Who will be the next Prime Minister of Canada as a result of the October 19th election?

A. Justin Trudeau
B. Pierre Trudeau
C. Gary Trudeau
D. Stephen Trudeau


Q.7. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited cities in this European country and expanded business relations, signaling a new “window to the West.”

A. France
B. Poland
C. Britain
D. Spain


Q.8. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is dealing with a loss of power in Baghdad to which factions:

A. Kurdish Pesh Merga forces
B. Sunni provincial governors
C. Shia provincial governors
D. Shia militias


Q.9. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu provoked a controversy last week with remarks about the Holocaust, saying Hitler’s decision to annihilate the Jews was influenced by this person:

A. Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem
B. Emperor Hailie Selassie of Ethiopia
C. Mohammad bin Abdullah, Caliph of Cairo
D. King Idris I of Libya

Q.10. Saudi Arabia is leading a coalition of countries, with US support, against Houthi forces who tried to push out President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi from this country:

A. Eritrea
B. Somalia
C. Yemen
D. Oman


1 – D
2 – B
3 – A
4 – D
5 – B
6 – A
7 – C
8 – D
9 – A
10 – C

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