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The mission of the Tennessee World Affairs Council is: To promote, on a non-partisan basis, understanding of important international issues, throughout the community and with a special focus on the region’s schools.

Contact us for more information and to join, donate and volunteer. Just drop us an email at: info@tnwac.org

  • The Tennessee World Affairs Council (TN WAC) was incorporated in the State of Tennessee on February 14, 2007 as a non profit education organization dedicated to developing and delivering programs and resources to communities and students. The Council relocated to Nashville and is hosted on the Belmont University campus through a partnership with the Center for International Business in the College of Business Administration.
  • TN WAC is an independent organization but is a member of the World Affairs Councils of America network — which includes almost 100 similarly organized councils that bring public affairs programs to their cities and states.
  • The TN WAC will maintain copies of all pertinent organization documents on line for your review. You can find them — including incorporation papers, bylaws, and so forth — in our reference document directory.
  • The Council will make available programs and resources — for the community and for schools — that will address the critical shortfalls in knowledge about current global events, contemporary world history, world geography, US foreign relations, world cultures and relations and other aspects of the world around us that Americans should understand and appreciate.
  • The Council will seek funding from individuals, corporations, foundations and local, state and the federal governments to facilitate development and delivery of public information programs.
  • Contact us for more information and to joindonate and volunteer.

From the Preamble of the Tennessee World Affairs Council Bylaws:

The purpose of the Council shall be to promote study and public education in world affairs, contribute by proper means, to improve international understanding and relations, and to provide and maintain facilities and staff suitable and sufficient therefore.

1. The Council shall foster public knowledge and understanding of world affairs by providing the materials and means for organized study and by encouraging informed and intelligent discussion in public forums, conferences, institutes, study groups, seminars and lectures; by providing publications, information, speaker and library services; by disseminating information through public media, including the press, radio and television; and by such other means as its Board of Trustees may determine.

2. The Council shall sponsor, undertake and make arrangements for the reception and public appearance of distinguished foreign and domestic visitors, including chiefs of state, diplomats, political and consular officials and representatives of industry, labor, finance, and of academic and other groups. The Council shall also sponsor events for the expression and discussion of such visitors, conduct and participate in tour programs abroad, and conduct such other activities as will stimulate communication, trade, cultural exchange and friendly understanding with peoples of other nations.


The Tennessee World Affairs Council was launched in Cookeville, Tennessee. It moved its base of operations to Nashville, Tennessee, where it will carry out a statewide mission of bringing programs and resources to communities, and especially to schools, addressing international affairs. The TN WAC is grateful to the Center for International Business at Belmont University for partnering with the Council. We could not be more proud than to have our home on the campus of Belmont.