2022 World Affairs Council of the Year
Network of Independent World Affairs Councils of America


The Tennessee World Affairs Council is a non-profit community organization dedicated to understanding world affairs and cultures. Since its founding in 2007, TNWAC’s impact on communities in the state has grown along with our reputation for unique programs that connect Tennesseans with experts, leaders and ideas from all over the world.

As a non-profit, non-partisan organization, TNWAC is supported by private funding from individual and corporate member dues and contributions.

As a regional center for education and discussion of world affairs, the Council seeks to provide leadership for global thinking, believing that a broad perspective is necessary for effective competition in the global economy and for responsible citizenship in the increasingly interdependent political world.

Please consider joining us as a member to help support our mission. Bring the world to your community through the Tennessee World Affairs Council!

Membership – Basic Benefits

Newsletters / Member-only events / Discount to fee events / Webinars, Podcasts & Teleconferences / Magazine & Book Discounts / International Travel / Complimentary “Daily Chatter” Newsletter / Members-only web site access / Networking with Globally Minded Friends / National Conference of WACA invitation / Eligible to win “What in the World?” Quiz Prizes / Satisfaction of supporting global affairs awareness in the community and schools

Membership Levels

  • DISCOUNT – Students, K-12 teachers and active duty military members are eligible for a discounted ($20) membership.
  • INDIVIDUAL ($60) – Join with basic benefits including a “World Famous” TNWAC Coffee Cup
  • FAMILY ($100) – Join for two individuals at the same mailing address, with same benefits as “Individual” level.
  • CONSUL ($500) – Join with “Family” level benefits plus access to private receptions and meet-and-greets with visiting Ambassadors and other distinguished visiting speakers. Priority seating at Council events. Recognition in select TNWAC materials.
  • AMBASSADOR ($1000) – Join with “Consul” level benefits plus access to exclusive TNWAC visits to global affairs destinations. (Talk with Patrick Ryan at TNWAC for details. [email protected] | 931.261.2353 )

“Daily Chatter”

The world in your inbox every weekday morning.

DailyChatter is an international daily newsletter whose sole mission is to help people know the world better. We search for meaning and context in this immensely complex world and filter what we’re hearing through our staff of deeply experienced journalists based in Europe, Asia and the United States. DailyChatter is proudly non-partisan and completely independent of all other media.

ALL TNWAC Members receive a complementary subscription to the “Daily Chatter” newsletter.

More about the “Daily Chatter”

Membership with the World Affairs Council is …

  • A platform – The Council offers frequent opportunities to participate in forums, workshops, receptions, and discussions to engage in debate and dialogue.
  • An education – Members of the World Affairs Council participate in in-depth discussions—not lectures—on timely global topics with local relevance.
  • A network – Membership facilitates relationships and meaningful connections between people with diverse backgrounds and a common belief in the value of informed global citizenship.
  • A statement – By becoming a member of the World Affairs Council, you’re making a statement that you support our efforts to reach students, to engage the community on global issues, and build greater Seattle’s reputation as globally relevant and globally aware. Membership reinforces the values of responsible global citizenship.

Membership supports each of the Council’s core focus areas: in-depth community programs; and the global education outreach program that provides resources to teachers and students.

TNWAC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Because the benefits of membership are “intangible”, we believe the membership fee is a tax-deductible contribution. However, it is always best to consult your tax advisor to determine the deductibility of membership.