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We have adapted our community outreach programs during the Covid-19 pandemic emergency to ensure all concerned are safe through social distancing. So the World Affairs Council has launched new programs via live Webinar delivery.  These programs can be found here

The webinars will be archived on our Youtube Channel [here] and on our Podcast page below and on and wherever you find your Podcasts.

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Tennessee World Affairs Council Digital Programs

“Global Tennessee”

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The “Global Tennessee” project is our effort to use technology to reach you with programs that provide interactive and archived opportunities to hear from officials, decision makers, policy makers and specialists in the global affairs arena.  The project includes live Webinars for you to participate directly and Podcasts that allow you to take the world along with you.

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“Global Nashville with Karl Dean”

This program is being adapted from the Podcast of the same name to a video webinar. Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean hosts a conversation with community and global leaders who share their insights and perspectives on what makes Nashville a ‘global city.’ Program times are Tuesday evenings at 7pm CT, alternating weeks with our Global Dialogue program.

“Global Dialogue: International Affairs Speakers Program” 

These international affairs speaker programs are being launched to replace in-person community speaker programs. GDialogues will feature specialists from near and far who will address the Covid-19 pandemic but also the ongoing issues and hot topics in global affairs. GDialogues will be Tuesday evening live webinars – alternating with “Global Nashville with Karl Dean” — that are interactive and, like our in-person programs, provide you the opportunity to connect with diplomats, business people, military officers, NGO officials and others about important international developments.

“Global Engagement: A Review and Assessment of Global News”

The pandemic crisis has created a “stay at home” reality for students, teleworkers and others. The “Global Engagement” video webinar will offer a weekly week-day, appointment to talk about current international events with co-hosts Ambassador Charles Bowers and TNWAC President LCDR Patrick Ryan (USN, Ret). They will run down the week’s current global events and invite your questions and comments during the live webinar.  Every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. CT.

Global Tennessee Podcasts

Your World Affairs Council produced over 30 Podcast interviews with ambassadors, former cabinet secretaries, senior military officers, medical officials, scholars and more. In April 2020 we are shifting from in-person Podcasts and other in-person events to video-based programs. All of these programs will be archived on our Youtube channel and will be available for download and subscription as Podcasts [here]

We ask for your feedback on speakers and topics covered, and welcome corporate sponsors to engage the Global Tennessee Webinars and Podcasts as underwriters and participants. For more information contact Pat Ryan at or 931-261-2353.

Available on the Tennessee World Affairs Council Youtube Channel [Link]

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