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Tennessee Global Scholars Certificate Program

Introducing the World Affairs Council – Tennessee Global Scholars Certificate Program

The Program

Each year students in the World Affairs Council area are invited to participate in the Tennessee Global Studies Certificate Program.

The program is designed for students to accumulate points toward becoming Tennessee Global Scholars. A minimum of 100 points are required to qualify for the certificate which is presented at a World Affairs Council program toward the end of the school year or provided to the host school for presentation. Students need not appear at a WAC program to qualify to have a certificate issued.

The program is designed for students in any setting to complete enough elements to qualify.

Many of the activities that can be used to accumulate towards completion are World Affairs Council programs (i.e. Academic WorldQuest, Weekly Quiz, etc.), however, other activities can be used. For example, the worksheet includes activities under the Sister Cities of Nashville and simulations like the Model United Nations that quality for credit.

The Council allows enough flexibility for students to request consideration of additional elements for points to meet the completion criteria.

For example, in certain locations students may not be able to easily access the same scope of programs and opportunities as in other locations. Global affairs programs may be more difficult to find in some areas so the Council will make every reasonable accommodation for students to substitute worthwhile global affairs awareness activities for programs that are not easily accessible. (i.e. if a local school does not offer Academic WorldQuest, etc.)

The program runs through April 15th of each year. Credits earned after that date count toward the following academic year’s total.


How to Qualify

1 – Register participation with the World Affairs Council – Email to info@TNWAC.org or mail the Certificate Program form. If email, include the information indicated in the form (PDF).  LINK TO FORM

2 – Identify a path to 100 points. i.e. sign up for WAC emails to participate in weekly quizzes; join or organize a WorldQuest team in your school; register with other global programs like Model UN and Sister Cities of Nashville programs.

3 – Identify alternative programs to participate in to accumulate certificate points (i.e. essay contests, volunteer in globally oriented local organizations, etc.)  Check with the World Affairs Council to determine if other programs and opportunities (not on the list) can be applied to the certificate total.

4 – Follow the World Affairs Council media (Web site posts, social media and via WAC newsletters) to track Council town halls and other programs.

5 – Invite friends and fellow students to participate alongside you. It’s always better together.

6 – Track your progress on the Global Scholars Certificate Worksheet.  Obtain verification signatures as necessary.  LINK TO WORKSHEET


7 – Submit your completed Worksheet to the World Affairs Council (not later than April 15th of each year.  Credits for global affairs activities accumulated after April 15th count toward the next annual program. Mail to: Tennessee World Affairs Council, 1900 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212. Keep a copy of your worksheet for your records.


Tennessee Global Scholars Certificate Program – Activities

100 Points Minimum to Qualify

Academic WorldQuest Team Member – 50 points

“What in the World?” Weekly Quiz –  3 points/week

World Affairs Councils of America National Conference – 50 points

TN World Affairs Council Programs / Town Hall / Global Dialogue – 15 points/each


WAC Global Affairs Contests (Participation) – 25 points/each

• TNWAC Essay Contest (Posting in progress)
• TNWAC Photo Contest (Posting in progress)
• TNWAC Video Contest (Posting in progress)

WAC Global Affairs Contests (First, Second, Third Place – Additional 25 points)

International Affairs Programs – Other Organizations

Leadership Simulations – 40 points/each

• Model UN
• Model Diplomacy
• Model Arab League
• Other similar programs

Sister Cities of Nashville (SCN)

  • Host International Exchange Student | 50 points
  • Travel as a Student Ambassador | 50 points
  • Volunteer at SCN events exhibits: Celebrate Nashville; Music City Irish Fest; Cherry Blossom Walk and Festival | 10 points each
  • Enter Sister Cities International Young Authors and Artists Showcase | 10 points
  • Serve on SCN’s Youth Advisory Board | 5 points
  • Give presentation to school class about your hosting/travel experience with Sister Cities of Nashville | 5 points [Teacher Verification]
  • Sister Cities’ Student Ambassador Summer Showcase Participant | 5 points
  • Sister Cities International Youth Leadership Summit Attendee | 25 points

Additional Resources

The Tennessee World Affairs Council is a nonprofit (501c3), nonpartisan educational charity based in Nashville that works to build understanding of global issues in our communities. Learn more about the Council and find how you can join, donate and volunteer at: www.TNWAC.org 

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