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January 12, 2021

Dear Members and Friends:

America is under attack as it has never been before.

You could see it coming. The polarization and proliferation of lies that has infected our society and discourse led to the inevitable eruption of violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, a dagger at the throat of democracy.

I worked as an intelligence professional on Middle East terrorism analysis in the 1990s. So I was shocked but not surprised when I heard American Airlines Flight 77 slam into the Pentagon on September 9, 2001. There were warnings. America knew the threat was there and that it was coming to get us. The learned lesson was that it was a failure of imagination to prepare for the day that “changed everything.”

On Christmas morning my family was startled awake by the blast noise and concussion of a very large explosion, the bomb blast a block away in downtown Nashville. It sounded like a large aircraft had crashed nearby. With that shocking experience in mind I asked terrorism expert Malcolm Nance to join us for a Webinar on January 5th. Malcolm, a fellow Navy vet and friend, has over 35 years working on national security issues including terrorism and cyber warfare and serves as an on-air consultant to NBC News.

The night before the Capitol attack Nance talked through the Nashville bombing and then turned to the threat from domestic violent extremists — a threat that FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress last summer that posed a “steady and evolving threat of violence and economic harm to the United States.” He said there was a “dramatic, terrifying rise of the home-grown right wing extremists,” and warned about an “upcoming insurgency involving … para-military, right wing extremists.” They have a very solid base of support, Nance added. [Watch the Webinar Here]

The next day we were once again shocked but not surprised when hundreds of violent right-wing extremists violently attacked the “citadel of democracy” causing murder and mayhem. We saw it coming. The evidence has been widely reported. We saw it in April when fatigue-clad, long gun carrying thugs pushed inside the Michigan Senate Chamber to intimidate lawmakers. It was followed by the plot to kidnap and harm Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. In October the Department of Homeland Security, in their annual assessment of threats, told us so: “Some DVEs [Domestic Violent Extremists] and other violent actors might target events related to the 2020 Presidential campaigns, the election itself, election results, or the post-election period. Such actors could mobilize quickly to threaten or engage in violence.”

The attack on the U.S. Capitol was shocking but not a surprise. We saw it coming. And this time it wasn’t a failure of imagination. It was just a failure that has changed everything.

And terrorism is not a one and done. The spasm of violent attacks may just be starting.

So, what is our concern here, beyond that of being concerned citizens? Our responsibility at the World Affairs Council is to tell you something interesting, something important about what’s going on in the world that affects your security, prosperity, health and interests.

This week we’re aroused by the global response to the January 6th putsch. Our friends in the global community have been alerted by and concerned about erratic behavior by American leadership for years. This diminishment of American example, influence and position in the world was further damaged last week.

The strength of our democratic system is questioned by friends and adversaries. Leaders in China, Russia, Iran and elsewhere are speaking out about the failure of Western democracy as proven by events in Washington. A leader in Russia’s parliament said, “The holiday of democracy is over.” It will be a long time before we shake charges like that.

First we must get our house in order.

Join us tomorrow, Wednesday, January 13th at 1pm CT for our Global News Review. Ambassador Dick Bowers with Dr. Breck Walker and I, will discuss the international reaction to the Capitol putsch.





Patrick W. Ryan
Founding President, TNWAC


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Photo Credit: “Storming the Capitol” – Tyler Merbler



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