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Support Global Affairs Education This “Giving Tuesday”

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Dear Friends:
Today is #GivingTuesday!
This is a day when we come together to create a better world and to support the causes that we are passionate about.
As a stakeholder I know you are interested in sustaining the World Affairs Council’s work of informing the community about global issues and challenges and inspiring young people to know the world.
We are pleased to have been acknowledged as the co-winner of Council of the Year from among the 95 independent World Affairs Councils in America for 16 years of community work. And we are committed to continuing our world-class quality programs, such as these in October and November:
  • Ambassador William Taylor, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and VP for Europe and Russia at the United States Institute of Peace
  • General David Petraeus, US Army (Ret), former Director of Central Intelligence; former Commander, U.S. Central Command and former Commander of U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • David Runde, Senior VP, Center for Strategic and International Studies, author “American Imperative: Restoring Global Leadership.”
Your tax-deductible contribution to TNWAC will make possible future distinguished visiting speakers in the community and in our schools as well as new education outreach programs for students.

On behalf of our Chairman, former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, the TNWAC Board and TNWAC members I invite you to contribute to our mission of bringing the world to Tennesseans.

In recognition of the 16th anniversary of the Tennessee World Affairs Council, we are asking our members and friends to pledge $15 a month or more to help support our work.

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“I’m so thankful to the Tennessee World Affairs Council for the opportunities it has given me and for lighting the fire underneath me to learn more about the world.”

The Tennessee World Affairs Council depends on its members and friends to help support its programs.  If you are not a TNWAC member, please review our membership benefits here and consider joining — or make a tax-deductible donation here. We need your support now more than ever! Please make a contribution today.

Thank you,


Dr. Liane Hentschke
Executive Director, TNWAC

THE MISSION of the nonprofit, nonpartisan Tennessee World Affairs Council is to promote international awareness, understanding and connections to enhance the region’s global stature and to prepare Tennesseans to thrive in our increasingly complex and connected world.

THE VISION of  the Tennessee World Affairs Council is a well-informed community that thinks critically about the world and the impact of global events.