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This regular feature provides news, commentary and analysis of global developments and issues with an emphasis on international affairs that impact on Nashville, Middle Tennessee and across the Volunteer State.

The Global Tennessee Podcast series also provides special reports, usually full length segments featuring speaker series programs, detailed interviews and other conversations too long for the regular podcast.

In April 2019 the “Global Nashville with Karl Dean” Podcast was added to the regular Podcast schedule. Former Nashville Mayor Dean’s interviews with business people, officials, community leaders and others provide insights and perspectives on all of the elements that make Nashville a “global city.”

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Episode | Topics
EP 28 | Sep 18 | James Mackler, US Senate Candidate | Conversations with 2020 Candidates on Global Issues
EP 27 | Aug 1 | Global Nuclear Arsenals, Strategy and Modernization | Dr. Susan Haynes
EP 26 | Jun 26 | DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano on “How Safe Are We”
EP 25 | Jul 11 | Nuclear Weapons Proliferation in Dangerous Times | Joe Cirincione
EP-24 | Jun 21 | Dr. Neda Khodaverdi and the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
EP-23 | Jun 18 | US-Germany Social Cohesion Panel with Karl Dean
EP-22 | Jun 11 | Rear Admiral Brian Pecha Interview | “Global Nashville with Karl Dean”
EP-21 | Jun 7 | From Nashville to Brookings: A Conversation with Sam Denney
EP-20 | May 28 | Renata Soto Interview | “Global Nashville with Karl Dean”
EP-19 | May 10 | Tennessee Champions – Academic WorldQuest Team Conversation
EP-18 | Apr 23 | On Building Peace — Ann-Louise Colgan, U.S. Institute of Peace
EP-17 | Apr 14 | “Global Nashville with Karl Dean” | A Conversation with Matthew Wiltshire, Nashville Economic and Community Development Director
EP-16 | Mar 25 | “Kurdistan Today: No Friends But the Mountains with Michael McClellan, President, American University of Kurdistan Foundation 
EP-15 | Feb 27 | Roundtable with Karl Dean, 68th Mayor of Nashville
EP-14 | Feb 20 | Japan’s Ambassador to the United States | Project C.U.R.E. President
EP-13 | Feb 15| Nuclear Weapon Proliferation – Joe Cirincione
EP-12 | Feb 6 | Roundtable with Ali Humbrecht and Colleen Ryan, TNWAC Alumnae; Interview with Heather Cunningham and Dr. Marieta Velikova – Sister Cities of Nashville
EP-11 | Jan 17 | The Wide World With Dick and Pat – #1 – Analysis and Commentary
EP 10 | Jan 8 | Global Tennessee Podcast – Ralph Schulz, President and CEO, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
EP 09 | Dec 27 | Global Tennessee Podcast – Legendary Photog Ron Modra | The Sweet Lizzy Project
EP 08 | Dec 13 | Special Report: Six EU Consuls General Interview — France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Greece Talk to Global Tennessee and “The Tennessean”
EP 07 | Dec 11 | Roundtable: Nashville Business with Chamber’s Lori Odom | Conversation: Russia Today: Views from Both Sides of a Divide w/Marieta Velikova and Keith Simmons
EP 06 | Dec 07 | Special Report: Saudi Arabia: Relationship on the Rocks – Interview with Professor David Des Roches, Near East South Asia Center
EP 05 | Nov 27 | Roundtable: Braving the New World – WACA Conference | Conversation: Bart Edes, Asian Development Bank
EP 04 | Nov 19 | Special Report: Afshin Molavi: Where Are We Going?
EP 03 | Nov 05 | Special Report: Senator Bob Corker at the World Affairs Council
EP 02 | Oct 30 | Roundtable: Midterm Elections | Conversation: Qatar Delegation Visit
EP 01 | Oct 16 | Welcome to the Global Tennessee Podcast and the Tennessee World Affairs Council

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