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Patricia Miletich, Nashville, TN 

Yezzie Dospil, Nashville, TN

Charles Bowers, Nashville, TN

Peter Cunningham, Murfreesboro, TN

Pete Griffin, Nashville, TN

Kathy Ingelson, Brentwood, TN

Sue Kizer, Nashville, TN

Anthony Campanella, Avola, Italy

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The Shadow War: Inside Russia’s and China’s Secret Operations to Defeat America

Jim Sciutto

Are we losing a war few of us realize we’re fighting?

Poisoned dissidents. Election interference. Armed invasions. International treaties thrown into chaos. Secret military buildups. Hackers and viruses. Weapons deployed in space. China and Russia (and Iran and North Korea) spark news stories here by carrying out bold acts of aggression and violating international laws and norms. Isn’t this just bad actors acting badly?

That kind of thinking is outdated and dangerous. Emboldened by their successes, these countries are, in fact, waging a brazen, global war on the US and the West. This is a new Cold War, which will not be won by those who fail to realize they are fighting it. The enemies of the West understand that while they are unlikely to win a shooting war, they have another path to victory. And what we see as our greatest strengths—open societies, military innovation, dominance of technology on Earth and in space, longstanding leadership in global institutions—these countries are undermining or turning into weaknesses.

In The Shadow War, CNN anchor and chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto provides us with a revealing and at times disturbing guide to this new international conflict. This Shadow War is already the greatest threat to America’s national security, even though most Americans know little or nothing about it. With on-the-ground reporting from Ukraine to the South China Sea, from a sub under the Arctic to unprecedented access to America’s Space Command, Sciutto draws on his deep knowledge, high-level contacts, and personal experience as a journalist and diplomat to paint the most comprehensive and vivid picture of a nation targeted by a new and disturbing brand of warfare.

Thankfully, America is adapting and fighting back. In The Shadow War, Sciutto introduces readers to the dizzying array of soldiers, sailors, submariners and their commanders, space engineers, computer scientists, civilians, and senior intelligence officials who are on the front lines of this new kind of forever war. Intensive and disturbing, this invaluable and important work opens our eyes and makes clear that the war of the future is already here.

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Here’s last week’s questions and answers:


WEEK OF JULY 8-14, 2019

1. Your “What in the World? Weekly Quiz” crew extends a big hat tip to the U.S. Women’s National Team for their thrilling victory in the 2019 World Cup, their fourth championship. WHO did they defeat 2-0 on Sunday for the title?

A. United Kingdom
B. France
C. Netherlands
D. Germany

Correct Response: C. Netherlands

2. A spokesman for the Government of Iran said the country was poised to do THIS in response to Washington’s abandonment of the 2015 “nuclear deal” and increased threats of military confrontation in the Gulf region.

A. Breaching the limit on uranium enrichment allowed by the JCPOA.
B. Challenging merchant ships in the Strait of Hormuz with inspection visits.
C. Convening a summit of allied militia leaders to discuss potential anti-US actions.
D. Expelling UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors from the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant.

Correct Response: A. Breaching the limit on uranium enrichment allowed by the JCPOA.

3. Whale hunts resumed after a 30-year hiatus in THIS country that heavily subsidizes the industry which is seen as having more cultural appeal than economic sense.

A. Finland
B. Norway
C. Japan
D. South Korea

Correct Response: C. Japan

4. The parents of THIS American filed a claim last week asserting ownership of a North Korean vessel, the 17,000 ton “Wise Honest,” seized and held by U.S. authorities for transporting coal in violation of sanctions. They previously won a lawsuit for $500 million against the Government of North Korea as a result of the death of THIS student following 15 months of detention and alleged torture.

A. Beryl A. Howell
B. Hyeon Soo Lim
C. Otto Warmbier
D. Matthew Miller

Correct Response: C. Otto Warmbier

5. This milestone reached on Sunday is hoped to open up the economic potential of 55 African nations. According to Egyptian President and African Union Chairman Abdel Fattah al- Sisi, “The success of [THIS] will be the real test to achieve the economic growth that will turn our people’s dream of welfare and quality of life into a reality.”

A. Funding of continent-wide “Belt and Road” infrastructure plan by the International Monetary Fund.
B. Merger of the ECOWAS, EAC, SADC and COMESA trade zones.
C. Launch of the “African Continental Free Trade Area” to boost intra-regional trade.
D. None of the above.

Correct Response: C. Launch of the “African Continental Free Trade Area” to boost intra-regional trade.

6. Five people were hospitalized in Pamplona, Spain, after being gored by at the opening bull run in THIS event.

A. Festival of San Fermin
B. The Fallas of Pamplona
C. Festival of San Giovanni
D. Semana Santa

Correct Response: A. Festival of San Fermin

7. Iran threatened the United Kingdom with attacks against British shipping in response to THIS action.

A. Royal Navy fighters from the aircraft carrier HMS Queens Elizabeth shot down an Iranian drone in the Gulf of Oman.
B. British commandoes seized a seaborne shipment of anti-ship missiles bound for Iran from North Korea.
C. A British frigate pursued an Iranian submarine in the North Arabian Sea and forced it to surface by dropping small explosive devices.
D. The Royal Navy seized an Iranian tanker transporting oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions.

Correct Response: D. Royal Navy seizure of an Iranian tanker transporting oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions.

8. Attacks against rebel holdouts in Idlib, Syria, the last bastion of anti-Assad forces, over the past two months have killed over 500 civilians and wounded more than 2,000. The Syrian Network for Human Rights reported last week that THESE forces were “deliberately targeting civilians with a record number of medical facilities bombed.”

A. Hezbollah
B. Russia
C. Turkey
D. Iran

Correct Response: B. Russia

9. The opposition to Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro agreed to meet government representatives for talks mediated by Norway in Barbados as the challenge to Maduro’s legitimacy drags on. THIS National Assembly leader invoked the constitution in January to claim his position as head of government, a move recognized by more than 50 nations and strongly backed by the United States.

A. Fabriana Rosales
B. Simon Bolivar
C. Juan Guaido
D. Hugo Chavez

Correct Response: C. Juan Guaido

10. Leaked memos from THIS American ally revealed its ambassador to the United States reported unflattering assessments of President Trump from at least 2017 to present including phrases such as, “dysfunctional”, “clumsy” and “inept.”

A. Germany
B. France
D. Norway

Correct Response: C. UK

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