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Open A.I.: Data Access & Risks

Paul Maguire

Entrepreneur, Investor and Founding President and CEO of Knowmadics

Thursday, November 30, 2023

12:00-1:00 CT

Distinguished entrepreneur, inventor and founder and CEO of Knowmadics talks about A.I. and dual issues of democratization of data and access through these open source AI models and the risk open source AI models pose because in the wrong hands they are sufficient enough to defeat a number of systems to create mischief.

About Paul Maguire

Paul Maguire is CEO and Co-Founder of Knowmadics, Inc, an innovative solutions provider. A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Maguire co-founded Knowmadics with Claire Ostrum in 2013, where he continues his track record of growing small businesses to successful acquisition. Prior to Knowmadics, Mr. Maguire served as President of Ultra Electronics ProLogic, where he managed the integration of small government IT contractor ProLogic following its 2008 acquisition by Ultra Electronics, as well as two other acquisitions worth a combined $128M. He had earlier served as ProLogic’s Vice President of Business Development and Strategy, driving the company’s growth from $1.7 million to $50 million+ over seven years, and ultimately leading to its acquisition.

Mr. Maguire previously worked at Autometric as a project, program, and product line manager with both P&L management and sales target responsibilities. His product led Autometric’s 33% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over seven years, which led to Autometric being acquired by the Boeing Company in 2000. Mr. Maguire has more than 12 years of Board experience, and currently sits on the Boards of Knowmadics and professional services firm Markon Solutions. He frequently speaks as a subject matter expert on the uses of commercial technology at the United States Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security events, and at international conferences on Security and Counter Terrorism. Mr. Maguire holds multiple patents and is the principal author of two U.S. Military Remote Sensing User Guides for Multi-spectral Imagery. He also served for eight years in the U.S. Navy, including as an Iraqi Analyst during Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

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