Hot Topics – Taiwan Presidential Elections (Time Sensitive)

The Tennessee World Affairs Council is pleased to offer its members access to the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA) “HOT TOPICS” program. This current events learning resource provides access to specialists and individuals with insight and knowledge of the important issues of the day.

This week WACA is hosting a “HOT TOPICS” conversation on the “Taiwan Presidential Elections: A Firsthand Experience” featuring the perspectives of the WACA Taiwan Leadership Delegation — WAC network representatives who traveled to Taiwan in October for special access briefings and visits. [Click here for the WAC team Taiwan Trip Report]

Here’s the details for this week’s “HOT TOPIC” program.


The Taiwan Presidential Elections: A Firsthand Perspective with the WACA Taiwan Leadership Delegation

Friday, January 13, 2012
from 3:00 to 3:30pm EST

Dial-in Number: 1-605-475-6350
Participant Access Code: 502507

Please RSVP to Kelsey Compton at as soon as possible, and no later than Thursday, January 12 COB.

Please join us for what is certain to be an insightful and very timely discussion on the Taiwan Presidential Elections a day before the voting. The WACA Taiwan Leadership Delegation, who visited Taiwan in October, will be sharing their first hand perspectives on the Taiwan elections, the political climate in Taiwan and the potential impact on Cross Straight relations and the region.

Michael Phillip, Board Chair, World Affairs Council of California Central Coast and WACA National Board Member, and Jay Bruns, Board Member, World Affairs Council of Connecticut and WACA National Board Member, will give a 5-8 minute overview, which will be followed by Q&A with the participants and the WACA Leadership Delegation. Lori Murray, WACA President & CEO, will be moderating.

Other delegation members participating in the call will be: Angela Bisig, Board Member, World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana; Aaron Brown, Vice Chair of the Board, World Affairs Council of Seattle; Richard Crepage, Senior Director of Outreach & Education, Cleveland Council on World Affairs and WACA National Board Member; Carlos Juarez, Secretary of the Board, Pacific and Asian Affairs Council; Ellen Levey, Board Member, World Affairs Council of Western Michigan; Robyn Meadows, Secretary of the Board, World Affairs Council of Harrisburg; Wally Stimpson, President & CEO, Naples Council on World Affairs; and Annette Whiteside, President, World Affairs Council of Las Vegas.

Read the Taiwan Trip Report for some background information before the call!

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