2022 World Affairs Council of the Year
Network of Independent World Affairs Councils of America


The Tennessee World Affairs Council (TNWAC) is a unique organization in our state with a special mission. We are a nonpartisan, educational organization that brings programs and resources to our community with the goal of building understanding of global affairs. We believe an informed citizenry is better able to responsibly carry out civic duties. TNWAC programs fall into two main silos: education outreach and community projects.

TNWAC’s community projects provide our members and the general public with informative speaker programs, panels, Webinars, Podcasts, seminars, and other special programs delivering insightful and entertaining content. The Council pivoted from in-person programs to virtual delivery primarily through Webinars. However, when the situation permits, we will resume our usual schedule of programs.

The community Webinar programs include a News Review, the “Global Nashville with Karl Dean” interview program, the “Global Dialogue” speaker program and special presentations – all in an interactive format. The Webinars are able to reach more members of the community and are able to present speakers who would otherwise be difficult to bring to an in-person event. TNWAC Webinars provide conversations with local, national and global thought-leaders, decision makers and specialists to share the latest information and critical insights on global issues.