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March 23, 2021

Dear Members and Friends:

The signs of spring are everywhere. That includes today’s International Career Panel, our spring iteration of our popular series presenting professionals from a broad spectrum of global occupations. Today, Professor Susan Haynes will talk with five women from around the world — London, Strasbourg and Budapest — about their international legal work. That’s at 1:30 CT to accommodate the global spread of time zones.

Thursday I’ll talk with U.S. Foreign Service Officer Allen DuBose about the world of diplomacy — how to become an FSO, what it’s like to represent America as a diplomat abroad, life in distant embassies and jobs in the State Department. If you can see yourself serving America as a diplomat don’t miss Thursday’s program at 5:30pm CT. 

I want to thank everyone who pitched in on “Five Buck Friday,” a quick and easy fundraiser on our TNWAC FaceBook page. It’s an opportunity for you to support a specific need at the Council — in this case it was funding one student’s annual education outreach program costs.  Thanks to all our friends who contributed. See below for more details and look forward to “Five Buck Friday’s” every third Friday of the month. Of course, we welcome your support any time. Visit to support global affairs awareness.

Last Thursday TNWAC Board Member and former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean spoke with Senator Bob Corker, former Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It was a wide-ranging conversation about serving in the Senate and as chair of the preeminent legislative body addressing U.S. foreign policy, about global challenges facing America and inside baseball looks at relations with Senate and Washington personalities during a critical decade in foreign relations. If you’re a TNWAC member and missed this “Global Nashville” episode check below for access on the member portal.

This week marks World Water Day, an observance of the value of water around the world and a chance to pause to consider what it means to security and prosperity. The State Department summed it up in a statement on Monday: 

“Water is an invaluable resource that we rely on for nearly everything we do.  Reliable access to water underpins health, economic opportunity, and security in every country, and ensuring global access to safe and adequate water for basic needs is now more important than ever.  Climate change is already affecting the world’s water resources and threatens water supplies for health care, agriculture, industry, energy, fisheries, and ecosystems.  In turn, food and energy security, the economy, national security, biodiversity, and human and animal health are at risk.”

In coming weeks TNWAC will launch a series on the existential threat of climate change and the challenge of maintaining adequate, safe water supplies will be among the elements of that conversation.

Thanks again for everyone who supports the work of the World Affairs Council. 

Wishes for a safe and prosperous week ahead.





Patrick W. Ryan
Founding President, TNWAC





TNWAC members can access the complete recording of our Thursday, March  18, one-hour conversation with Senator Bob Corker. It’s archived in our new member section of the web site. Here’s the link. If you’re an active TNWAC member and haven’t received your login please drop us an email to:  In coming days we’ll have excerpts from the program to share on TNWAC social media.  Here’s the Member Link to the program.


While we’re talking about members’ benefits, have you been receiving your complimentary copy of the weekday newsletter “Daily Chatter?”  It’s a great, quick, concise read of important developments in global news with expert analysis and colorful maps to provide context.  TNWAC subscribes to “Daily Chatter” on your behalf, so please make sure you’re getting this member benefit in your email inbox. Contact to get the link.


We launched the monthly $5 Friday fundraiser on FaceBook last week — look for it every third Friday of every month. We raised $264 after asking for $250 to support one student in the year-long education outreach program. Thanks to: Melissa, Ruth, Donald, Sharon, Tim, Bronte, Charles, Allan, Jade, Carolyn, Sandra, John, Deb, Susan and Kathleen. We greatly appreciate your support of global affairs awareness and education.




Tuesday 3/23
World Affairs Council of Jacksonville hosts Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr., former Governor of Utah, for “Russian and the U.S.: The New Cold War?”  
World Affairs Council of Atlanta hosts Senator Sam Nunn and Frank Jones to discuss his book Sam Nunn’s Quest: A Nuclear Weapon Free-World
World Affairs Council Dallas/Fort Worth hosts authors Admiral James Stavridis and Elliot Ackerman to discuss their book 2034: A Novel of the Next World War
Indiana Council on World Affairs hosts Ambassador Francis O’Donnell, Strategic Advisor of the Global Partnerships Forum, for “The End of Globalization?” 
World Affairs (Northern California) hosts Danusia Hubah, Acting Deputy Director of the Office of Iranian Affairs in the U.S. Department of State, for “Restoring U.S.-Iranian Relations.” 
Southeast Connecticut World Affairs Council hosts Binalakshmi Nepram, Founder of Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network, for “Peace Movement by Indigenous Women in India.” 
Sarasota World Affairs Council hosts Shaima Hussain Gargash, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, for “The United Arab Emirates and the U.S.: Cooperation and Challenges.” 
World Affairs Council of the Quad Cities hosts Professor Matlub Ahmed, Black Hawk College, for “Can We Migrate to Another Planet or Save the Earth?” 
Montana World Affairs Council hosts Professor Tsuneo Akaha, Middlebury Institute of International Studies, for “East Asia in Transition: Japan-U.S. Relations During the Trump and Post-Trump Years.” 
Foreign Policy Association hosts Steve Brozak, President of WBB Securities, for “A Global Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.” 
World Affairs Council Upstate hosts Professor Kelsey Shoub, University of South Carolina, and Professor Paul Hirschfield, Rutgers University, for “Policing Styles: Does Europe Have a Better Model?” 
Cleveland Council on World Affairs hosts Molly Williamson, retired Foreign Service Officer and current scholar with the Middle East Institute, for “Why is It so Hard to Talk About Climate Change?”
World Affairs Council of Greater Houston hosts Marc Mori, Director of Nuance Blue LLC, for “Perspectives on Peace.” 
Santa Fe Council on International Relations hosts Todd Greentree for “Global Supply Chains and National Security.” 
The Tennessee World Affairs Council hosts a panel of experts for “Career Panel: Women in International Law.” 
Wednesday 3/24
World Affairs Council of Greater Houston hosts David Rubenstein, Carlyle Group Founder, and Professor Walter Isaacson, Tulane University, to discuss his book The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race
World Affairs Council of Atlanta hosts Jack Devine, former CIA Spymaster and President of the Arkin Group LLC, for “The Fight Against Russian Aggression.” 
World Affairs Council of Central Illinois hosts Professor Don Wuebble, University of Illinois, for “Global Climate Change.” 
The Institute of World Affairs hosts professor Chia Vang, UW-Milwaukee, and David Keegan, Adjunct Lecturer at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, for “China and East Asia.” 
World Affairs Council of San Antonio honors Dr. Larry Schlesinger, from the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, for “2021 International Citizen of the Year Award Celebration.”  
World Boston hosts Professor Paul Berkman, Tufts University, for “Struggles Over the Melting Arctic.” 
World Affairs Council of Western Massachusetts hosts Mike Chinoy, former CNN Asia Correspondent, for “The Rise of the Human Rights Movement.” 
World Affairs Council of New Hampshire hosts Bonnie Glaser, Senior Adviser for Asia at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, for “Global Tipping Points: The U.S., China, and Their Global Strategic Competition.” 
World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth hosts Paul Haenle, Maurice R. Greenberg Director’s Chair and Director of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center, for “Navigating the U.S.-China Relationship.” 
Foreign Policy Association hosts Jeffrey Morton, Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association, for “The World Health Organization.” 
World Affairs Council of Seattle hosts a panel of experts for “From Global to Local: Informing Seattle’s Pandemic Response.” 
Thursday 3/25 
Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall hosts Congresswoman Jane Harman, President Emerita of the Wilson Center, for “A Conversation with Former Congresswoman Jane Harman.”
World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana hosts Thomas Bollyky to discuss his book Plagues and the Paradox of Progress: Why the World is Getting Healthier in Worrisome Ways
Savannah Council on World Affairs hosts the Honorable Patrick Faber, Fmr. Deputy Prime Minister of Belize, for “The Effect of COVID-19 on Belize’s Economy, Education and Healthcare.” 
World Affairs Council of Atlanta hosts Allison Padilla-Goodman, Vice President of the Southern Division of the Anti-Defamation League, for “What We Can Do Against Hate Crimes.” 
World Affairs Council of St. Louis host Professors Leilani Carver-Madalon and John Lewington, Maryville University, for “The End of Globalization?” 
Santa Fe Council on International Relations hosts Ambassador Luis Moreno, Board Member of the Foreign Service Grievance Board, for “Can Haiti Break Its Cycle of Violence?” 
Tennessee World Affairs Council hosts Foreign Service Officer Allen O. DuBose for “International Career and Jobs Panel: The United States Foreign Service and the U.S. State Department.” 
World Affairs Council of Albuquerque hosts Ambassador William Brownfield, Senior Advisor of the Americas Program at the Center for Strategic & International Studies, for “Early Challenges Confronting the Biden Administration in Latin America.” 
World Affairs Council of Rhode Island hosts Professor Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban, Rhode Island College, for “Women Leaders and Women’s Leadership/Locally and Globally.” 
World Affairs Council of Harrisburg hosts Donald Brown, Scholar in Residence for Sustainability Ethics and Law at Widener University Commonwealth Law School, for “Struggles Over the Melting Arctic.” 
World Affairs Council of Philadelphia hosts Chilean Senators Juan Pablo Letelier and Kenneth Pugh for “What Can Chile Teach Us About Democracies and Constitutions?”  
World Affairs Council of Atlanta hosts Ariel Lopez, Founder and CEO of KNAC, for “Negotiating and Networking Up in a Virtual World.” 
Friday 3/26
Alaska World Affairs Council hosts Jason Scott Smith, Graduate Director of the Department of History at the University of New Mexico, for “The Widening Gap: Income Inequality During the Pandemic.” 
Peoria Area World Affairs Council hosts Professor John Williams, Bradley University, for “Locking Skeletons in the Closet: The Far Right’s Crusade against Holocaust Historians.” 
Would Affairs Council of Greater Houston hosts Angela Stent, Director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies at Georgetown University, for “Commemorating International Women’s Day.” 
Tennessee World Affairs Council hosts Professor Nathan Amador Rowley, Ohio Wesleyan University, and Professor Erinn Patrick Nicely, Western Governors University, for “Struggles Over the Melting Arctic.” 
Thank you for your support of global affairs awareness and education!



THE MISSION of the nonprofit, nonpartisan Tennessee World Affairs Council is to promote international awareness, understanding and connections to enhance the region’s global stature and to prepare Tennesseans to thrive in our increasingly complex and connected world.

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