Earth Day 2021

April 22, 2021

Good Earth Day friends of TNWAC.

Today we reflect on the threat to human life on the planet posed by climate change — a relentless and existential threat we can no longer ignore or deflect. We invite you to learn more about the threat and about the global response. Visit the Leader Summit on Climate broadcast (link below) and consider watching other programs on climate and the implications to our security and prosperity.

In addition to sharing information on programs that will inform you and perhaps move you to action, we note today that your World Affairs Council is working on a new series of programs addressing the climate threat. Be on the lookout for program announcements soon. Meanwhile we invite you to support our work on climate change awareness and our other global affairs programs by becoming a TNWAC member and TNWAC donor to support our work. Just $5 a month will help make these programs possible.

Thank you.

Wishes for an informed Earth Day 2021.





Patrick W. Ryan
Founding President, TNWAC

Leader Summit on Climate

Link here

(Join in progress and watch the archived video)

Session 1 Raising Our Climate Ambition President Biden and Vice President Harris will open the inaugural session of the Summit. This session will underscore the urgent need for the world’s major economies to strengthen their climate ambition by the time of COP 26 to keep the goal of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius within reach. It will provide an opportunity for leaders to highlight the climate-related challenges their countries face and the efforts they are undertaking, and to announce new steps to strengthen climate ambition.

Session 2 Investing in Climate Solutions This session will highlight the urgent need to scale up climate finance; efforts to increase public finance for mitigation and adaptation in developing countries; and efforts to shift trillions of dollars of private investment to finance the transition to net zero by 2050.

Session 3 (Breakout Sessions, Round 1) Adaptation and Resilience This session will highlight the climate adaptation and resilience challenges faced by all countries, especially those most vulnerable to climate impacts, and cutting-edge approaches to strengthening resilience in the face of climate change and climate variability.

Session 3 (Breakout Sessions, Round 2) Climate Security This session will highlight the global security challenges posed by climate change, the impact on the military and readiness, and efforts underway to address the threat multipliers to energy, economic, and national security.

TODAY AT 2:30pm CT



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