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Kathy Ingleson, Brentwood, TN

Tony Campanella, Avola, Italy

Pete Griffin, Nashville, TN

David Hillinck, Huntsville, AL

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The Shadow War: Inside Russia’s and China’s Secret Operations to Defeat America

Jim Sciutto

Are we losing a war few of us realize we’re fighting?

Poisoned dissidents. Election interference. Armed invasions. International treaties thrown into chaos. Secret military buildups. Hackers and viruses. Weapons deployed in space. China and Russia (and Iran and North Korea) spark news stories here by carrying out bold acts of aggression and violating international laws and norms. Isn’t this just bad actors acting badly?

That kind of thinking is outdated and dangerous. Emboldened by their successes, these countries are, in fact, waging a brazen, global war on the US and the West. This is a new Cold War, which will not be won by those who fail to realize they are fighting it. The enemies of the West understand that while they are unlikely to win a shooting war, they have another path to victory. And what we see as our greatest strengths—open societies, military innovation, dominance of technology on Earth and in space, longstanding leadership in global institutions—these countries are undermining or turning into weaknesses.

In The Shadow War, CNN anchor and chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto provides us with a revealing and at times disturbing guide to this new international conflict. This Shadow War is already the greatest threat to America’s national security, even though most Americans know little or nothing about it. With on-the-ground reporting from Ukraine to the South China Sea, from a sub under the Arctic to unprecedented access to America’s Space Command, Sciutto draws on his deep knowledge, high-level contacts, and personal experience as a journalist and diplomat to paint the most comprehensive and vivid picture of a nation targeted by a new and disturbing brand of warfare.

Thankfully, America is adapting and fighting back. In The Shadow War, Sciutto introduces readers to the dizzying array of soldiers, sailors, submariners and their commanders, space engineers, computer scientists, civilians, and senior intelligence officials who are on the front lines of this new kind of forever war. Intensive and disturbing, this invaluable and important work opens our eyes and makes clear that the war of the future is already here.

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Here’s last week’s questions and answers:


WEEK OF JULY 15-21, 2019

1. The joint German-Russian space venture Spektr-RG launched this week with THIS mission:

A. To provide a signal boost for all German and Russian spy satellites
B. To map the most intense climate hot-spots to help coordinate and concentrate environmental rescue efforts
C. To map cosmic x-rays so that researchers can study the large-scale structure of space
D. To map electro-magnetic fields in space

Correct Response: C. To map cosmic x-rays so that researchers can study the large-scale structure of space

2. Cuba’s parliament adopted a new electoral system that establishes THIS new government structure:

A. The office of president, limited to two consecutive five-year terms
B. The office of prime minister, limited to two consecutive five-year terms
C. The office of parliament deputy, limited to two consecutive five-year terms, and reduced to a total number of 474 seats, from 605
D. All of the above

Correct Response: D. All of the above

3. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro drew sharp criticism this week by offering his youngest son THIS government position:

A. Vice-President
B. Secretary of State
C. Ambassador to the United States
D. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Correct Response: C. Ambassador to the United States

4. Two weeks after an airstrike on a migrant detention facility in THIS country killed more than 50 people, the United Nations called for the closure of all detention facilities in the country in question. According to the UN refugee agency, conditions in the detention centers are “awful”:

A. United States
B. Mexico
C. Libya
D. Italy

Correct Response: C. Libya

5. Officials delayed India’s second lunar mission, Chandrayaan-2, because of a technical problem. If successful, Chandrayaan-2 will make India the fourth nation to have a successful soft lunar landing. Which of the following governments has yet to have a successful soft lunar landing?

A. Soviet Union
B. China
C. United States
D. None of the above

Correct Response: D. None of the above

6. Tensions are running high again between Ottawa and Beijing after Chinese officials detained another Canadian citizen, and levied high tariffs on imports of Canadian beef. The arrests and tariffs are retaliatory measures for the 2018 arrest in Vancouver of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of THIS Chinese telecommunications giant:

A. Alibaba
B. Huawei
C. Didi
D. Baidu

Correct Response: B. Huawei

7. Since June 21, soccer teams from 24 African countries have been battling it out in the 32nd Africa Cup of Nations, held this year in Egypt. THESE two teams will meet in the final match on July 19:

A. Tunisia and Nigeria
B. Angola and Egypt
C. Algeria and Senegal
D. Kenya and Morocco

Correct Response: C. Algeria and Senegal

8. Officials determined that neither terrorism nor a cyber attack was responsible for a blackout that left over 70,000 people without electricity in THIS United States city:

A. Los Angeles
B. New York
C. Washington, D.C.
D. Chicago

Correct Response: B. New York

9. France’s parliament approved the new “Gafa” tax, which will collect 3% of all annual revenue from companies that provide THESE services to French consumers, regardless of whether or not the companies are actually based in France:

A. Transportation services
B. Banking services
C. Technology-based services
D. Entertainment services

Correct Response: C. Technology-based services

10. In keeping with the spirit of the French Revolution, July 14 celebrations in Paris this year were troubled by more protests from the “Yellow Vests,” many of whom were arrested for demonstrating without a permit. In English-speaking countries, the holiday that celebrates the 1789 storming of an infamous prison in Paris, commemorated each year on July 14, is called “Bastille Day.” How do the French commonly refer to “Bastille Day”?

A. La fête de la liberté, or “Liberty Celebration ”
B. Le jour de la Bastille or “Bastille Day”
C. Le quatorze juillet, or “July 14”
D. La fête de la révolution, or “Revolution Day”

Correct Response: C. Le quatorze juillet, or “July 14”

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