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“What in the World” Quiz WINNER – Week of Oct 19

“What in the World” Quiz.

international-work-globe-flagsCongratulations to this week’s “What in the World” quiz winner who will be entered in a drawing for a prize at the end of the month.

Week of October 19th Winner — Pat Miletich, a history and government teacher at University School of Nashville. Two weeks in a row. Well done!

Check for the answers below. How did you do?

Check your global affairs awareness every week with ten questions taken from news reports over the previous week. In addition to reporting in a variety of sources we highlight them on Twitter — @TNWAC #tnwacquiz. Follow us @TNWAC to keep up with global developments and Council events.

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“What in the World” Quiz

Q. 1. – The EU, the P5+1 and Iran reached “Adoption Day” for the “nuclear deal” agreement last weekend. What is the name of the agreement?

A – Joint Agreement on Iranian Nuclear Activities (JAINA)
B – Nuclear Weaponization Prevention Plan for Iran (NWPPI)

C – Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)

D – Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NNPT)


Q. 2. – The US Navy is said to be preparing to sail through waters and airspace claimed by China among new artificial islands in the South China Sea which have been nicknamed what?

A – The Great Wall of Sand

B – Mischief Reef
C – The Chinese Oceanic Frontier
D – The Great South China Outposts


Q.3. How many people die each year from Malaria and in what year might it be eradicated according to a report from the Gates Foundation?

A – 150,000 / 2050
B – 1.2 million / 2050
C – 800,000 / 2030

D – 450,000 / 2040


Q.4. Which is the only country in Africa that has not joined the African Union?

A – Kenya
B – Egypt

C – Morocco

D – South Africa


Q.5. President Obama announced last week that future US troop presence in Afghanistan was being adjusted in response to recent Taliban successes against Afghan troops. How many US troops will remain there into 2017?

A – 5,500

B – 55,000
C – 25,000
D – 10,000


Q.6. This is the flag of which country?


A – Argentina

B – Albania
C – Algeria
D – Angola


Q.7. The holy site in Jerusalem known to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif that is among the flashpoints in the swelling Israeli-Palestinian violence is known to Jews as what?

A – Wailing Wall
B – Holy Sepulchre
C – Mount Hermon

D – Temple Mount


Q.8 – At what level did West Texas Intermediate crude oil trade at this week, which according to The Economist is the new desired target for oil producers?

A – $30

B – $50

C – $80
D – $100


Q.9. – When a Dutch investigation into Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was released last who did it blame for the missile attack that destroyed the airliner July 17, 2014?

A – Ukrainian Armed Forces
B – Pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine

C – No specific blame apportioned

D – Russian Air Defense Forces


Q.10. – Which capital city was the in Sub-Saharan Africa to get a metro system?

A – Kampala, Uganda
B – Mogadishu, Somalia

C – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

D – Nairobi, Kenya


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