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“What in the World” Quiz Winner – Week of Oct 12

“What in the World” Quiz.

international-work-globe-flagsCongratulations to Pat Miletich, this week’s “What in the World” quiz winner. Pat will be entered in a drawing for a prize at the end of the month.

Check for the answers below. How did you do?

Check your global affairs awareness every week with ten questions taken from news reports over the previous week. In addition to reporting in a variety of sources we highlight them on Twitter — @TNWAC #tnwacquiz. Follow us @TNWAC to keep up with global developments and Council events.

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“What in the World” Quiz

Q. 1. – A coalition of four groups of labor union leaders, businesspeople, lawyers and human rights activities, dubbed “The Quartet,” won the Nobel Peace Prize for “its decisive contribution to building a pluralistic democracy” in this country where the 2011 Jasmine Revolution heralded the start of the “Arab Spring.”

A – Egypt
B – Syria

  • C – Tunisia

D – Pakistan

Q. 2. – America is planning to send warships close to China’s newly built artificial islands in this area of the Western Pacific in coming weeks, signaling to Beijing that it does not recognize their territorial claims around the reefs. America says the installations are being militarized, which China denies.

  • A – South China Sea

B – Philippine Sea
C – East China Sea
D – Strait of Taiwan

Q.3. This week Iran announced this military system test in defiance of a United Nations ban and its Defense Minister said, “We don’t ask permission from anyone to strengthen our … capabilities.”

A – Anti-ship cruise missile
B – Anti-personnel mines
C – Long range strike aircraft

  • D – Precision guided ballistic missile

Q.4. Dr. Tu Youyou was a winner of a Nobel Prize for Medicine for adapting an ancient Chinese herbal treatment to a treatment that is credited with cutting in half the deaths since 2000 from this global blight.

A – Polio

  • B – Malaria

C – Diabetes Mellitus
D – Typhoid

Q.5. The leader of this country, which is accepting about 10,000 asylum seekers a day, says it may see as many as a million refugees this year.

  • A – Germany

B – Hungary
C – Greece
D – Italy

Q.6. North Korea went all out to launch a military parade this week in celebration of this anniversary of its central party, the “North Korean Bureau of the Communist Party of Korea.”

A – 40
B – 50

  • C – 70

D – 100

Q.7. The Russian military has “boots on the ground” in this country where it has been launching air strikes and sea-launched cruise missile attacks against anti-government insurgents.

A – Libya
B – North Korea

  • C – Syria

D – Iraq

Q.8 – A bombing of a peace protest in Ankara highlighted the conflict between Turkey and ethnic Kurds. The Kurds lack a state of their own but live in large areas of these other countries.

A – Syria, Iran and Jordan
B – Syria, Jordan and Iraq
C – Jordan, Iran and Iraq

  • D – Syria, Iran and Iraq

Q.9. – The Obama administration abandoned a $500 million program to train and equip rebels inside Syria to fight against these forces. The program was said to have only “four or five” trainees fighting in Syria.

A – Russian special forces
B – Hezbollah terrorists

  • C – Islamic State forces

D – Al Qaeda terrorists

Q.10. – An upsurge in violence between Israelis and Palestinians is being seen as the third wave in what is known by this Arabic word for “shake” or “shaking” and popularly translated in English as “uprising” or “resistance.”

  • A – Intifada

B – Jihad
C – Hajj
D – Ramadan

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