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A World in Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order

By Richard Haass

An examination of a world increasingly defined by disorder and a United States unable to shape the world in its image, from the president of the Council on Foreign Relations

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold. The rules, policies, and institutions that have guided the world since World War II have largely run their course. Respect for sovereignty alone cannot uphold order in an age defined by global challenges from terrorism and the spread of nuclear weapons to climate change and cyberspace. Meanwhile, great power rivalry is returning. Weak states pose problems just as confounding as strong ones. The United States remains the world’s strongest country, but American foreign policy has at times made matters worse, both by what the U.S. has done and by what it has failed to do. The Middle East is in chaos, Asia is threatened by China’s rise and a reckless North Korea, and Europe, for decades the world’s most stable region, is now anything but. As Richard Haass explains, the election of Donald Trump and the unexpected vote for “Brexit” signals that many in modern democracies reject important aspects of globalization, including borders open to trade and immigrants.

In A World in Disarray, Haass argues for an updated global operating system—call it world order 2.0—that reflects the reality that power is widely distributed and that borders count for less. One critical element of this adjustment will be adopting a new approach to sovereignty, one that embraces its obligations and responsibilities as well as its rights and protections. Haass also details how the U.S. should act towards China and Russia, as well as in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. He suggests, too, what the country should do to address its dysfunctional politics, mounting debt, and the lack of agreement on the nature of its relationship with the world.

A World in Disarray is a wise examination, one rich in history, of the current world, along with how we got here and what needs doing. Haass shows that the world cannot have stability or prosperity without the United States, but that the United States cannot be a force for global stability and prosperity without its politicians and citizens reaching a new understanding.

Source: Amazon.com

About the Author

Dr. Richard Haass is president of the non-partisan Council on Foreign Relations. He served as the senior Middle East advisor to President George H.W. Bush and as Director of the Policy Planning Staff under Secretary of State Colin Powell. A recipient of the Presidential Citizens Medal, the State Department's Distinguished Honor Award, and the Tipperary International Peace Award, he is also the author or editor of twelve books on foreign policy and international relations. Dr. Haass lives in New York.

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Here's last week's questions and answers:


Week of Jan 1-7, 2017

1. U.S. President Barack Obama announced new sanctions on Russia, along with the expulsion of 35 of its diplomats from the U.S., in retaliation for which Russian action?
A. Annexation of Crimea
B. Hacking of the U.S. 2016 presidential election
C. Air support for the storming of Aleppo
D. The downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17
Correct Answer: B

2. President Shinzo Abe became the first leader of which country to pay his respects at the USS ARIZONA memorial in Pearl Harbor?
A. Germany
B. France
C. Japan
D. Russia
Correct Answer: C

3. Pan Pan, believed to be the oldest living male of which species, died this week in China, at age 31?
A. Bengal tiger
B. Komodo dragon
C. Pangolin
D. Giant panda
Correct Answer: D

4. The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) added how much time to 2016, in order to keep the atomic clock in sync with the Earth's natural rotation?
A. a leap nano second
B. a leap second
C. a leap minute
D. five leap minutes
Correct Answer: B

5. The UN has endorsed a cease-fire deal in Syria, brokered by Russia and which other country?
A. Canada
B. China
C. Turkey
D. Saudi Arabia
Correct Answer: C

6. Beginning January 1, 2017, French workers will have a legal right to refuse to do what outside of established working hours?
A. Work overtime
B. Answer emails
C. Meet clients to close deals
D. Talk to their bosses
Correct Answer: B

7. Which nation, responsible for an estimated 70% of the global ivory trade, has announced that it will ban all sales of ivory by the end of 2017?
A. Japan
B. U.S.
C. China
D. Kenya
Correct Answer: C

8. In his year-end message Pope Francis urged world leaders to do more to tackle which issue that is, according to him, causing a generation to be lost to "desperation, migration and joblessness"?
A. youth unemployment
B. war
C. drugs
D. sex trafficking
Correct Answer: A

9. What rare type of animal, known as a Rothschild, was born at England's Chester Zoo?
A. giraffe
B. lion
C. panda
D. cheetah
Correct Answer: A

10. Which nation kicked off a celebration on December 31 to mark 100 years of independence from Russia?
A. Ukraine
B. Romania
C. Finland
D. Lithuania
Correct Answer: C

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