“What in the World” Quiz Tests Current Events Knowledge

“What in the World” Quiz Tests Current Events Knowledge

The Tennessee World Affairs Council launched the “What in the World” current events quiz this week as part of its educational outreach programs aimed to inspire greater interest in global developments.

The quiz will be published each Monday morning on the website (TNWAC.org) and to recipients of the Council’s email newsletter service. The ten-question quiz will be drawn from the previous week’s international news.


“Sure, you can help me answer the quiz. But the prize is mine!”

A solid familiarity with daily international news will enable most people to do well on the quiz. To give you an extra edge in the challenge the Council will provide Tweets of relevant news items on its @tnwac Twitter feed. Many of these will be the basis of quiz questions.

The Council already Tweets important news and resources on the feed along with program and calendar information. For the quiz-able news items you can search the @tnwac feed for hashtag #tnwacquiz.

Tip: Many of the #tnwacquiz items are drawn from the Economist online and the Economist “Espresso” daily news service for smartphones.

Students who are preparing for Academic WorldQuest competitions will also find the #tnwacquiz items as a good reference source to be ready for the “Current Events” topic.

Quiz takers who score the highest number of correct answers submitted by noon on Wednesday of each week will have their names entered in a monthly drawing for a prize. The TN WAC is narrowing down the field for prizes but inside sources indicated it will be a magnificent reward worthy of a champion of current event prowess.

To get in on the quiz make sure you’re getting TNWAC emails (here’s the free subscription link: http://eepurl.com/gt6dn) and make sure you’re following @TNWAC on Twitter.

Good luck!



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