“What in the World?” Quiz – Answers/Winner – Week of Jan 18, 2016

“What in the World” Quiz – Answers & Winner

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Week of January 18th Winner

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Monthly Prize Drawing/Announcement following the January 25th week quiz.

January “What in the World?” Quiz Prize


Hero of the Crossing: How Anwar Sadat and

the 1973 War Changed the World

Thomas Lippman

Published January 2016

1lippman1“Tom Lippman has provided the foundation for understanding what is happening [in the Middle East] today from the rise of ISIS to the collapse of the Arab Spring. And as an added benefit it is a good read for expert and novice alike.”—Edward S. Walker, former U.S. ambassador to Egypt, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates

Thomas Lippman was a featured speaker at WACA’s 2015 National Conference. He is an adjunct scholar at the Middle East Institute, specializing in Saudi Arabian affairs, U.S.- Saudi relations, and relations between the West and Islam. He is a former Middle East bureau chief for The Washington Post, and author of numerous articles and books.

You can meet Mr. Lippman this April when he is in Nashville, hosted by the Tennessee World Affairs Council’s Distinguished Visiting Speaker Program. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 12th (5:30pm) for our Town Hall at Belmont University.


Check for the answers below. How did you do?

“What in the World” Quiz – Week of January 18, 2016

1. Political, business and military relations between the United States and Vietnam are on the upswing especially in view of Chinese “sharp elbows” in the region. A report last week noted the two were negotiating to allow U.S. military forces access to this strategic facility, the former home of the largest American base in the area during the Vietnam War.

A. Ho Chi Minh City
B. Cam Ranh Bay
C. Danang
D. Hanoi


2. The stock market “jitters” in China are a symptom of worries in the economy about slipping growth rates amid high expectations in the population. What was the annual GDP growth rate in China at its highest in the last ten years (in 2007), and the rate for 2014?

A. 2007 – 19.5% / 2014 – 10.3%
B. 2007 – 10.2% / 2014 – 4.6%
C. 2007 – 14.2% / 2014 – 4.6%
D. 2007 – 14.2% / 2014 – 7.3%


3. Militants from the group “Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb” attacked the “Splendid Hotel” in this city claiming 20 lives last week, demonstrating their continued viability and threat to western interests and local stability, as well as claims of loyalty to Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, successor to Osama bin Laden.

A. Bamako, Mali
B. Abuja, Nigeria
C. Bujumbura, Burundi
D. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso


4. On Saturday the International Atomic Energy Agency signaled “Implementation Day” of the nuclear deal with Iran when that country was certified as having fulfilled its obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. That plan included removing 98% of its already enriched uranium, dismantling 12,000 centrifuges that could enrich uranium and dismantling a nuclear reactor that could produce about two weapons’ worth of plutonium per year. That reactor was located where?

A. Bushehr
B. Isfahan
C. Arak
D. Fordow


5. Taiwan voters went to the polls last week for presidential and legislative elections with the following results for 1. Party, 2. Candidate, 3. Implications:

A. Democratic Progressive Party | Tsai Ing-wen | Possible reversal of China unification efforts
B. People First Party | James Soong | Increased attention to Japan islands issue
C. Taiwan Solidarity Party | Ma Ying-jeou | Expanded openings with Beijing
D. Kuomintang Party | Eric Chu | Continuation of political, economic policies


6. The European Commission in Brussels launched an investigation into this country’s constitutional tribunal and public media changes that might violate the rule of law, after the so-called “Eurosceptic” Law and Justice party (PiS) gained power in the new government.

A. Hungary
B. Germany
C. Poland
D. Romania


7. This journalist, the Washington Post Tehran Bureau Chief, who was a prisoner in Iran was released over the weekend in a deal between the United States and Iran to swap detainees.

A. Jason Rezaian
B. Ali Velshi
C. Yeganeh Salehi
D. Saeed Abedini


8. Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz called for a “lasting presence of NATO and American troops and a permanent air defense” in his country as a goal of the new conservative government, as security fears have been rising in Eastern Europe following Russian intervention in Ukraine. What country is that?

A. Poland
B. Lithuania
C. Czech Republic
D. Hungary


9. Iran detained ten American sailors overnight when their two patrol craft entered territorial waters near Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf. The American military command responsible for the Navy there is called:

A. U.S. Third Fleet
B. U.S. Fifth Fleet
C. U.S. Sixth Fleet
D. U.S. Seventh Fleet


10. Half the power supply in sub-Saharan Africa is produced in this country:

A. Zimbabwe
B. South Africa
C. Angola
D. Democratic Republic of Congo



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