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TN WAC Member Benefit

A benefit of World Affairs Councils of America network membership is the opportunity to travel with our sister organizations. Here’s a great opportunity to travel with others who are inspired by global awareness learning and the exciting opening to Cuba.

The Tennessee World Affairs Council invites our members to travel the globe with World Affairs Councils.

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Cuba with World Affairs Councils

The timing could not be better!

“U.S. and Cuba have resumed full diplomatic relations. President Obama has asked Congress to lift the economic embargo. Expect telecommunications links and regularly scheduled air service to be established. While Raul Castro and his government maintain tight control of Cuba’s centralized economy, limited private enterprise has been allowed to emerge. Will this trend continue? Come to Cuba with the council and form your own opinions on what the pace of change will be in Cuba and what resumption of diplomatic and eventually economic ties with the U.S. will mean for Cubans and Americans.”


Travel with World Affairs Councils is more than sightseeing.

Participate in visits and conversations that will illuminate your visit to Cuba. Check the itineraries below.


These trips are organized by our sister council, the World Affairs Council of Atlanta. Members of the Tennessee World Affairs Council are eligible and encouraged to participate. Contact PatRyan@TNWAC.org for more details.



DEC 6-13, 2015 – Details [Link] – Trip Itinerary [Link]

JAN 21-27, 2015 – Details [Link] – Trip Itinerary [Link]

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