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Greetings World Affairs Council Members and Friends:

The Covid-19 pandemic grinds on, impacting every corner of our lives, businesses, leisure, and families and friends. Most normal routines are no longer normal and much of what we took for granted in our daily lives has changed in major ways.

At the World Affairs Council, we’ve been away from our office, hosted on the beautiful campus of Belmont University, since the first days of Covid alarm. Other than checking the mail every week or so the office has been empty, with everyone working from home. Like you, we’ve mastered Zoom for meetings and keeping up with family. The calendar is full of Zoom programs and, like you, we’re starting to get a touch of Zoom fatigue even if we do get to wear basketball shorts to work.

One advantage of this new common communications path is that we have been able to reach more of you with our global affairs awareness programs through Webinars. Of course, we miss face-to-face meetings at our Global Town Halls and other outreach programs. But it’s a positive development to expand the audience for our programs and to bring in speakers from afar who would never have been able to travel for an evening with us in Nashville on the small budget we have available for events.

Starting the week of the “lock-down” we pivoted to Zoom Webinars and delivered two or three each week. There’s the weekly News Review I do with Ambassador Dick Bowers — a lively recap of the top five topics each week with commentary and analysis — every Tuesday at 2:00pm. On alternating Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm we deliver an episode of “Global Nashville with Karl Dean,” a conversation between former Mayor Dean and community leaders about the things that make Nashville a global city. You’ve heard from the Chamber’s Ralph Schulz, the airport’s Doug Kreulen, the Preds’ Sean Henry, Dr. James Hildreth of Meharry College and many more.

On opposite Tuesdays we broadcast our international speakers program, Global Dialogue. It brings individuals and panels from near and far to talk about important global issues. Many of these issues are critical to your preparation for Election 2020 — discussions like foreign election interference with experts from the Alliance for Securing Democracy; the U.S.-China relationship with former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Bill Owens; America’s position in the Middle East with career diplomat David Rundell, who spent 15 years of his career in Saudi Arabia; or many more of the programs listed below. Our understanding of these foreign policy challenges is key to good civic health as we decide who our leaders will be.

That’s something on the plus side of the new normal we’re all living with. A downside for the World Affairs Council has been the disruption in plans. Plans for improving and increasing our community and education outreach, plans for working with new partners to inspire more people to understand the world, and plans to ensure the operation and sustainability of the World Affairs Council. In short the disruption has had an impact on the financial health of the organization. We’ve steadied the ship and set a smart course, but the question of whether we remain afloat and reach our destination relies in very large part on you. We depend on you becoming a member and making a donation to the Tennessee World Affairs Council.

Next week when we launch our membership campaign I will call on you to renew, signup, give a gift membership, tell a friend to join. Do what you can to make sure that the only nonpartisan, educational nonprofit in Tennessee that delivers global affairs awareness programs to our community survives.  Thank you.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign up for Thursday’s IBC Update with Nashville-resident Consul General Kayoko Fukushima of Japan. (Details below) American-Japanese ties are a strategic relationship like few others — economically (Tennessee jobs!), militarily (more American military are in Japan than any other foreign nation); politically (this sound partnership is a key to policy vis a vis China and North Korea); and culturally. Tune in at 10:30am on Thursday. It’s on Zoom so feel free to wear your pajamas.

Have a terrific week and please be safe and careful.




Patrick Ryan, President TNWAC

p.s. While you’re thinking of it why not make a $10 donation to the World Affairs Council -> Text to Give: Text ‘Give 10’ to 844-959-2934



IBC Global Update | Consul General of Japan in Nashville Kayoko Fukushima | TNWAC partnership with the International Business Council |  Thursday 10:30-11:30 a.m. CT, June 25, 2020 | Register


“Global News Review” with co-hosts Ambassador Dick Bowers, USFS (Retired) and LCDR Pat Ryan US. Navy Retired.  Tuesday 2:00 pm CT, June 23, 2020 | Video Archive | Podcast

“Global Nashville with Karl Dean” talks with Sister Cities of Nashville | Tuesday 7:00 pm CT, June 23, 2020 | Video Archive | Podcast


“U.S. Foreign Policy Challenges Ahead” | Global Dialogue Speakers Program |  with Martha Simms, Shawanesh Underwood and Irina Karmanova, U.S. State Department Policy Planning Staff and moderator Professor Thomas Schwartz | Tuesday 7:00 pm CT, June 30, 2020 | Register

“Global News Review” with co-hosts Ambassador Dick Bowers USFS(Ret) and LCDR Pat Ryan USN(Ret).  Tuesdays 2:00 pm CT, Jun 30 | Jul 7 | Jul 14 | Jul 21 | Jul 28 | Jun 30 Episode with Dr. Breck Walker guest co-host | Register

“Global Nashville with Karl Dean” talks with Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Frank McCoubrey | Tuesday 7:00 pm CT, July 7, 2020 | Register

Global Energy and “Crude Oil, Crude Money” | Global Dialogue Speakers Program |  with Thomas Lippman, author, scholar, veteran journalist | Tuesday 7:00 pm CT, July 14, 2020 | Register

“Global Nashville with Karl Dean” talks with Commissioner Bob Rolfe, Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development | Tuesday 7:00 pm CT, July 21, 2020 | Register

U.S.-China Relations | Global Dialogue Speakers Program | with Admiral Bill Owens, US Navy Retired, former Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff | Tuesday 7:00 pm CT, July 28, 2020 | Register

Saudi Arabia at a Crossroad | Global Dialogue Speakers Program | with David Rundell, author, U.S. Foreign Service (Retired) | Tuesday 7:00 pm CT, September 22, 2020 | Register


Every minute 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution or terror. And UN Secretary-General António Guterres reminds us, “This year, the COVID-19 pandemic poses an additional threat to refugees and displaced people, who are among the most vulnerable.” In recognition of World Refugee Day 2020 you are invited to join our friends at the UN Association USA | Cordell Hull Chapter for a special panel discussion, “Seeking a Home in Nashville.” You will learn about the various local organizations that help empower refugees, the refugee experience in Nashville, as well as how we can advocate for this vibrant and diverse population. Panelists include: Jose Gonzalez, representing Conexion Americas; Kayo Beshir; representing TIRRC and Pedro Ndome, representing Congo Renaissance Breath Corporation (CRBC). Details: SATURDAY, JUNE 27 @ 11:30a-1:30p. Online: < >


Did you know that refugees from 22 different nationalities were resettled in Tennessee in FY 2019. The three largest populations came from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burma, and Burundi. These three nationalities comprised 74% of all refugees arriving in Tennessee.


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the three-weeks of the Tennessee Global Trivia Championship Tournament. It turned out to be great fun and something we’ll repeat. We were pleased to crown as our champion our very own Ambassador Dick Bowers. He started out behind Colleen Ryan after Week One but surged back to an insurmountable lead. Dick and Colleen both represented Tennessee in a national championship match organized by the World Affairs Councils of America. Well done, all!


“Global News Review” with co-hosts Ambassador Dick Bowers and LCDR Pat Ryan.  Tuesday 2:00 pm CT, June 16, 2020 | Video Archive | Podcast

“A Conversation with Nancy Lindborg, President, United States Institute of Peace | Global Dialogue Speakers Program | Tuesday 7:00 p.m. CT, June 16, 2020 | Video Archive | Podcast

“Foreign Efforts Undermining Election 2020” | Special Edition: Global Dialogue Speakers Program | with Alliance for Securing Democracy’s Rachael Dean Wilson and David Salvo and moderator Mark Braden | Wednesday 1:00 p.m. CT, June 10, 2020 | Video Archive | Podcast

“Global News Review” with co-hosts Ambassador Dick Bowers and LtCdr Pat Ryan.  Tuesday 11:00 am CT, June 9, 2020 | Video Archive | Podcast

“Global Nashville with Karl Dean” talks with Amr El-Husseini | “Designing an Economic Model for Nashville as a City of the Future” | Tuesday 7:00 pm CT, June 9, 2020 | Video Archive | Podcast

American Diplomacy – with Ambassador Marcie Ries, Ambassador Charles Bowers and Dr. Thomas Schwartz – A terrific panel of diplomats and experts discussed the state of the U.S. Foreign Service and the future of American Diplomacy, a project at Harvard University headed by Amb. Ries. | Watch Here (YouTube) | Listen Here (Podcast)

United Kingdom Consul General Andrew Staunton – IBC Global Update – Consul General Staunton provided an update on the UK response to Covid-19, Brexit and the U.S.-UK Trade Agreement negotiations that are just beginning. Moderating the event was British Honorary Consul and IBC advisory board member John Scannapieco. | Watch Here (YouTube) | Listen Here (Podcast)

Global News Review with Colleen Ryan and LCDR Patrick Ryan – the top five topics in global events examined by a former intelligence officer and guest host Colleen Ryan, Fulbright Scholar, Schwarzman Scholar and Belmont Law student. A lively analysis of global news with plenty of background and context. Topics: 1 – Covid News – World Health Assembly; 2 – China – Belt and Road Trip; 3 – Global Energy – Cheap Oil and the Outlook; 4 – Afghanistan – Peace and Covid; and 5 – International Criminal Court in America’s Crosshairs | Watch Here (YouTube) | Listen Here (Podcast)

Global Nashville with Karl Dean” — “BNA” — with Doug Kreulen, President and CEO, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority | Watch Here (YouTube) | Listen Here (Podcast)

Global News Review with Ambassador Dick Bowers and LCDR Patrick Ryan Watch Here (YouTube) Listen Here (Podcast)

Iran: U.S. Maximum Pressure Campaign, American and European Perspectives with Ambassador William Luers, Dr. Gary Sick and Ellie Geranmayeh, with host Patrick Ryan | Watch Here (YouTube) | Listen Here (Podcast)

China-US Relations in the Pandemic Age with John Scannapieco and Jeremy Goldkorn with host Patrick Ryan Watch Here (YouTube) Listen Here (Podcast)

Global Engagement News Review with Dr. Marieta Velikova and Patrick Ryan Watch Here (YouTube) Listen Here (Podcast)

Global Nashville with Karl Dean”: “The View from 501 Broadway” – A Conversation with Nashville Predators President and CEO Sean Henry | Watch Here (YouTube) | Listen Here (Podcast)

Global Engagement: News Review with Amb Dick Bowers and LCDR Pat Ryan Watch Here (YouTube) Listen Here (Podcast)

Global Engagement: News Review Amb Dick Bowers and LCDR Pat Ryan | Link Here | Topics: Covid-19, Earth Day, North Korea, Immigration Ban, Ramadan (44:42)

Global Dialogue: International Speakers Series Professor David Des Roches on the Middle East 2020 | Link Here | Briefings on Oil and Authoritarianism: Impact in the Middle East, Iraq Turmoil, Saudi-Iran Confrontation, US-Saudi Relations (1:07:33)

“Global Nashville with Karl Dean” Conversation with Ralph Schulz, CEO Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce April 14, 2020 Watch Here (YouTube) Listen Here (Podcast)

* Find our Webinars on our channel and our “Global Tennessee” Podcast series. Subscribe to one or both to be updated automatically.





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