Global Town Hall on the Middle East More Timely Than Ever | Apr 17

You’re invited to our Global Town Hall on Turmoil in the Middle East

“This is the beginning. We have a long, long way to go before we’re able to bring the chaos that exists in the Middle East under some kind of stability.” That’s what Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services had to say this morning about the U.S. Navy strikes in response to Syrian use of banned chemical weapons against its citizens.

Chaos and instability have been a long-standing feature of the Middle East and the World Affairs Council has offered numerous distinguished visiting speaker town halls and discussion groups that sorted out the contexts and prospects of the conflicts and challenges. Understanding what lies ahead on that “long, long way to go” requires insights and perspectives about the genesis of these conflicts and the competing local and external forces at play.

As the United States enters a new campaign in this troubled region — use of force against a sovereign government — we would like to remind you that our April 17th program will take up the topic of U.S. Middle East policy and the challenges we face. “The Middle East: A Region in Turmoil” will feature Ambassador Ronald Schlicher, USFS(Ret), former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs; and retired Navy Intelligence Officer and Middle East specialist Lieutenant Commander Patrick Ryan, President of the World Affairs Council.

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The Tennessee World Affairs Council and the International Center for Business at Belmont University

The Middle East: A Region in Turmoil

with Amb Ronald Schlicher

and LCDR Patrick Ryan, USN (Ret)

April 17, 2017

5:30 Check-in/Networking

6:00-7:30 pm – Program

at Belmont University

Vince Gill Room, Curb Event Center

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Free but Registration Requested

Middle East: Region in Turmoil – Town Hall

Among the critical challenges to President Trump and the new Administration are the collection of civil wars, failed states, proxy battles, unstable regimes, historic rivalries, advanced weapons races and dangers to people and human development across the Middle East.

Join the World Affairs Council for a town hall on April 17th at Belmont University featuring distinguished diplomat Ambassador Ronald Schlicher and career intelligence officer LCDR Patrick Ryan who will share their invaluable insights and perspectives on Middle East affairs.

Tennessee World Affairs Council town hall meetings are one element of this nonprofit, nonpartisan educational group’s work to encourage the community to know the world.

This program counts toward credit for the Tennessee Global Scholars Certificate (See for details).

Attendees are asked to RSVP using the Eventbrite registration for TNWAC members and those registering who can make a donation. If non-members of the World Affairs Council would like to RSVP without making a donation you can send email to Thank you.


Vince Gill Room, Curb Event Center, Belmont University. Located on the west end of the concourse level in the Curb Event Center Arena.

Curb Center Garage – Building 27 on Campus Map


About Ambassador Ronald Schlicher

Ambassador Ronald Schlicher, USFS (Ret) – Served as Principal Deputy Assistant Coordinator of Counterterrorism and served as U.S. Ambassador to Cyprus (2005-2008). Ambassador Schlicher served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA), where he served as Coordinator for Iraq. During the 2003 war with Iraq, Ambassador Schlicher was Director of the Iraq Task Force. He then served for six months in Iraq with the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), first as Regional Coordinator for the North and then as Director of the Office of Provincial Outreach.


About LCDR Patrick Ryan, US Navy (Retired)

Patrick Ryan is the Founding President of the Tennessee World Affairs Council. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy at age 17 beginning a 26-year career, assigned first in the Persian Gulf in 1973 followed by assignments in the Submarine Service where he attained the rank of Chief Petty Officer. Mr. Ryan received a BA degree at the University of South Carolina, in 1981, majoring in International Studies followed by commissioning in the Navy as an Ensign. Mr. Ryan served aboard numerous ships, headquarters staffs and overseas assignments before retiring in 1998 as a Lieutenant Commander. Among his assignments were the Joint Staff in the Pentagon, the Center for Naval Analyses, and US Central Command headquarters. At CENTCOM he oversaw analyses of threats against US forces in the areas of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and other transnational issues in a 23 country region including the Middle East, northeast Africa and southwest Asia. In 1997 he was selected for a one-year project as a Director Central Intelligence Exceptional Intelligence Analyst Program fellow to research the roots and threat from Al Qaeda. He has lived and worked in Bahrain, Italy and Japan and has traveled to about 50 countries for work and leisure. In 1999 he founded a publishing business that developed newsletters and web sites addressing international affairs, especially the Middle East. In 2007 he founded the Tennessee World Affairs Council.  [MORE]

The Tennessee World Affairs Council is a nonprofit (501c3), nonpartisan educational charity based in Nashville that works to build understanding of global issues in our communities. Learn more about the Council and find how you can join, donate and volunteer at:  — Join / Donate / Volunteer

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