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The World Affairs Councils of America is pleased to present the KNOW NOW conference call series. These calls will feature global thought leaders hosted by the World Affairs Councils of America as well as local authorities in government, business, academia and cultural fields who are identified and moderated by local Councils, using our national conference call platform to bring local and national issues of global dimensions to our network.


Conference Call — You’re Invited

“Future of Democracy in the World”


Dr. Richard Wike

Director of Global Attitudes at Pew Research Center

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 

1:00-1:30 p.m. (CT)

Via Teleconference

A deepening anxiety about the future of democracy around the world has spread over the past few years. Emboldened autocrats and rising populists have shaken assumptions about the future trajectory of liberal democracy, both in nations where it seemed strongly entrenched. Scholars have documented a global “democratic recession” and some now warn that even long-established “consolidated” democracies could lose their commitment to freedom and slip toward more authoritarian politics.
A new Pew Research Center survey finds there are reasons for calm as well as concern when it comes to democracy’s future. More than half in each of the nations polled consider representative democracy a very or somewhat good way to govern their country. Yet, in all countries, pro-democracy attitudes coexist, to varying degrees, with openness to nondemocratic forms of governance, including rule by experts, a strong leader, or the military.
Councils, members, and supporters are encouraged to participate in this KNOW NOW conference call featuring Dr. Richard Wike, Director of Global Attitudes Research at Pew Research Center,

Wednesday, October 25, at 1:00-1:30 PM CT.

Read Dr. Wike’s new report on democracy, as well as his recent report on America’s global image, and come with your questions!

About Dr. Richard Wike

Richard Wike is director of global attitudes research at Pew Research Center. He conducts research and writes about international public opinion on a variety of topics, such as America’s global image, the rise of China, democracy, and globalization. He is an author of numerous Pew Research Center reports, including As Obama Years Draw to Close, President and U.S. Seen Favorably in Europe and Asia; Europeans Fear Wave of Refugees Will Mean More Terrorism, Fewer Jobs; Chinese Public Sees More Powerful Role in World, Names U.S. as Top Threat; and Global Support for Principle of Free Expression, but Opposition to Some Forms of Speech.

In addition, he has written pieces for the Financial Times, the Guardian, Politico, Foreign Policy, CNN, BBC, CNBC, and other online and print publications. Wike has been interviewed by American news organizations such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, NBC, CNN, C-SPAN, and NPR, as well as numerous non-U.S. news organizations, including The Financial Times, The Guardian, El País, BBC, Deutsche Welle, France 24 and Al Jazeera. Wike gives talks and presentations to a variety of audiences, including government, think tanks, business groups, and academic conferences. Wike received a doctorate in political science from Emory University. Before joining Pew Research Center, he was a senior associate for international and corporate clients at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research.

KNOW NOW conference calls feature global thought leaders hosted by WACA, as well as local authorities in government, business, academia and cultural fields who are identified and moderated by local Councils.

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