2022 World Affairs Council of the Year
Network of Independent World Affairs Councils of America

Partner Membership

Partner schools, community colleges, universities, nonprofits, and civic groups work with the World Affairs Council to raise awareness on issues we share in common. We collaborate on joint programming that extends nonprofit and school partnerships and enables engagement between stakeholder groups and the larger community.

Partner Membership is...

  • A Platform
    International dialogue is most potent when business, government, academia, and private organizations all have a seat at the table. The Council offers frequent opportunities to participate in forums, workshops, receptions, and discussions to engage in debate and dialogue and encourage educators and students to be strong voices in building the global skills to be the leaders of tomorrow.
  • An Education
    Through curriculum development, professional development workshops, and learning opportunities for teachers and students alike, membership in the World Affairs Council supports educators as they seek to develop 21st century skills in our classrooms. Membership reinforces the importance of responsible global citizenship, a critical component in building an international workforce.
  • A Network
    Membership facilitates relationships and professional development opportunities between people with diverse backgrounds and a common global orientation and desire to see Tennessee students become the globally competent and aware leaders of tomorrow. Our local network encompasses policy makers, thought leaders, teachers and other community leaders in greater Nashville and across Tennessee. Our network extends globally, with enduring connections made with emerging leaders from government, business, academia, and civil society who participate in exchanges in the area.

Membership Levels

Contact Patrick Ryan (Pat@TNWAC.org) to learn more and to request an invoice.