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Boost Global Affairs Education Through Your Shopping Choices

Did you know that the Tennessee World Affairs Council web site is in the Amazon affiliate network? What does that mean?

Tennessee Academic WorldQuest Championship Competition

If you are going to shop on Amazon.com — where you can find just about anything — and link to the Amazon.com web site from the TNWAC web site, by clicking on one of our links on any of our pages, we will receive a referral fee, up to 15% of the purchase price, for any items you buy during that session.

Global awareness seminars for youth groups.

While we don’t endorse any individual product or service on Amazon.com, we do endorse supporting education. So if you’re going to do your holiday shopping online, why not link to Amazon.com from TNWAC.org and help support global affairs awareness education in your community? Thanks and please share this news with your friends and family.