Academic WorldQuest Preparations – Questions from the Fall 2015 Match

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To: All Academic WorldQuest Teachers/Coaches

To aid in team preparation for the Academic WorldQuest Tennessee Championship match the Council has posted the questions and answer from the November 2015 practice round held at Belmont University. They are posted as PowerPoint presentations on our archive.

The package includes four sets of slides for the two halves of the match: questions and questions with answers bolded.

The presentations are embedded below and can also be accessed online at:

They can be found at:

Fall 2015 Match Questions (Part 1) –

Fall 2015 Match Answers (Part 1) –

Fall 2015 Match Questions (Part 2) –

Fall 2015 Match Answers (Part 2) –


THE BEST preparation for the current events topic (two 10-question rounds on Feb 21st). Is to have your teams read the news. A good source is our Council Twitter feed (@TNWAC). We post articles throughout the day. Those Tweets (hint, hint) are the basis for the questions used in the competition. We mark the news items that will be in consideration for the WorldQuest match (and the weekly “What in the World?” quiz) with the hashtag #TNWACquiz

Weekly quiz. Please encourage your students to sign up for the Council newsletter, especially the category that includes the quiz. It will help them keep up with current global events and you never know when one of the weekly quiz questions might wind up in a WorldQuest match.

Archives — weekly quizzes are posted to the web site. You can see previous weeks’ quizzes at:

Let me know if you have more questions, suggestions, feedback, etc. regarding WorldQuest or any other of our programs.

By the way, we are looking forward to a busy month ahead. Check for events that will include programs with the Ambassadors from Ireland and Russia, the Consul-General of Japan, and of course the Feb 21st WorldQuest match.

Good luck and see you on the 21st.

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Fall 2015 Match Questions (Part 1)

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Fall 2015 Match Answers (Part 1)

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Fall 2015 Match Questions (Part 2)

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Fall 2015 Match Answers (Part 2)

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