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February 2021 – Quiz Prize

World in Danger: Germany and Europe in an Uncertain Time

Wolfgang Ischinger

What in the World? Quiz – Week of Feb 8-14, 2021

1. Thousands of protestors took to the streets across Russia in late January to protest the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Three Moscow-based European diplomats from all of these countries EXCEPT THIS one have been accused by Russia of participating in the demonstrations and ordered to be expelled from the country.

A. Germany
B. Italy
C. Poland
D. Sweden

Correct Response: B. Italy

2. President Biden is working restoration of a 2015 multilateral agreement signed by the UN “Perm 5” plus Germany and the EU with Iran to restrain production of fissile material. The agreement is called THIS.

A. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
B. Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty
C. Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons
D. The Tehran Agreement

Correct Response: A. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

3. The International Criminal court recently charged Ugandan rebel commander Dominic Ongwen with 61 accounts of war crime and crimes against humanity. He is known for his role in THIS infamous group associated with Joseph Kony. It was also known as the United Holy Salvation Army and Uganda Christian Army/Movement, which seeks to rule large swaths of east Africa according to the Ten Commandments.

A. African National Liberation Front
B. Acholi Army of God
C. Lord’s Resistance Army
D. Uganda Holy Front

Correct Response: C. Lord’s Resistance Army

4. The Zuljanah solid-booster rocket was launched on February 1st by THIS country which said the program was for civilian use, to send satellites into 300 mile altitude orbits. However, the Zuljanah could be adapted as an intercontinental ballistic missile just as THIS country is breaking out of nuclear agreement limits on bomb making material. [“Daily Chatter” Question]

A. North Korea
B. Taiwan
C. Iran
D. Pakistan

Correct Response: C. Iran
“Daily Chatter,” February 3, 2021

5. Last week Richard Olson writing for USIP addressed the United States’ relationship with THIS country noting the 74-year “roller-coaster” ride. He said, “The essential reason for the volatility in the … relationship is that it has always been dominated by what diplomats call “external” foreign policy considerations: during the Cold War it was about confronting communism; since 9/11, about countering terrorism and supporting the war in Afghanistan.

A. India
B. Bangladesh
C. Sri Lanka
D. Pakistan

Correct Response: D. Pakistan

6. The February 7th presidential election in THIS South American country is headed to an April runoff between two candidates running in the shadow of Rafael Correa. The populist leader who lives in Belgium continues to influence what happens in Quito.

A. Ecuador
B. Argentina
C. Bolivia
D. Colombia

Correct Response: A. Ecuador

7. The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq pledged support to THIS group of people when he met with Nobel laureate Nadia Murad and reflected on the work of UNITAD, a UN organization addressing crimes by Islamic State. ISIS massacred more than 10,000 people from THIS group and captured more than 6,000 at the outset of its campaign to establish a Caliphate.

A. Kurds
B. Assyrians
C. Yazidi
D. Druze

Correct Response: C. Yazidi

8. Lebanon has authorized emergency usage of THIS Russian COVID-19 vaccination.

B. Glasnost
C. Sputnik V
D. RusVac

Correct Response: C. Sputnik V

9. President Joe Biden announced the United States would no longer support Saudi Arabia in its military campaign against the Houthis in THIS Arabian Peninsula country.

A. Yemen
B. Qatar
C. Oman
D. Djibouti

Correct Response: A. Yemen

10. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala an economist and former finance minister of Nigeria is set to be the next director general and first female leader of THIS trade organization, the only global international organization dealing with the rules of between nations.

A. International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
B. World Trade Organization (WTO)
C. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
D. International Trade Center

Correct Response: B. World Trade Organization (WTO)

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