Tennessee Governor’s School – International Studies – 2011

The Governor’s School for International Studies (GSIS) provides high school rising juniors and seniors a four week immersion into the world around us, including global cultures, languages and perspectives. The program provides a rigorous introduction to the field of International Studies, including six credit hours of college coursework. GSIS is set for June 4-Jul 2, 2011 at the University of Memphis. The application deadline is (postmarked by) December 6, 2010. Details at this link.

The Governor’s Schools will offer selected gifted and talented high school students intensive learning experiences in the Humanities, Math and Science, Arts, International Studies, Scientific Exploration of Tennessee Heritage, Prospective Teaching, Emerging Technologies, Engineering, Information Technology Leadership, and Agricultural Sciences, Computational Physics and Scientific Models and Data Analysis.

Students in the tenth and eleventh grades who would like to participate in a challenging and high-intensity program in one of the twelve areas should obtain application(s) from their school guidance counselor. The resources of each school system should be utilized to the fullest extent to ensure that the best possible candidates meeting the criteria listed below receive applications. Nominations for the Tennessee Governor’s Schools will be made (by guidance counselors or principals) at the high school level. Each Governor’s School review/selection committee(s) will select the students who will attend each school.


June 4 – July 2, 2011

The Governor’s School for International Studies will give students the opportunity to see far beyond the boundaries of the state and explore the economic, historical, and cultural relationships throughout the globe. Students will discuss world issues with political and business leaders. Students will develop their own conclusions and solutions to problems faced by countries throughout the world. Through courses, projects, discussions, and activities, participants will discover the political, economic, and cultural factors that drive the global system. Moreover, participants will critically assess the issues that dominate the global agenda, including war, environmental threats, health crises, and the global economy.

GSIS is structured around a mix of formal courses, supervised individual and group projects, and experimental learning exercises. The formal coursework component will allow each student to complete six hours of University-level work in the social sciences, with courses available in anthropology, economics, geography, and political science. However, GSIS is far more than just coursework; it is a true immersion into the study of the world around us.

Prerequisites: Rising juniors AND seniors may apply (currently sophomores and juniors in high school). Applicants will need to submit information in addition to the regular Governor’s School application. Students must have a 3.2 GPA.
• A copy of the most current transcript must be included with the Governor’s School application. This does not have to be an official transcript.
• If the student is invited to attend Governor’s School for International Studies, an application for admission to the University of Memphis will be included with the invitation letter. This application MUST be completed and returned with the Letter of Intent, and an official copy of the high school transcript MUST be sent to the University Admissions Office. No application fee is required.

Questions Requiring a Separate Sheet of Paper: (1) In not more than 200 words, answer the following: In your view, what is the most critical international issue today? Comment on this and discuss how or whether you see yourself involved in addressing this issue now or in the near future. (2) Describe in not more than 200 words why you wish to participate in the Governor’s School for International Studies and what you hope to gain from the experience. Include background, interests, and experiences that qualify you for the Governor’s School for International Studies, especially information about your participation in any international studies activities such as, but not limited to, Model UN and Mock Trial. Include any awards or special recognition you may have received in these activities or in related academic areas.

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