Recommended Reading: “Foreign Policy in the Age of Retrenchment”


The Chicago Council on Global Affairs recently published an insightful study that you will find helpful in understanding America’s role in the world.


Foreign Policy in the Age of Retrenchment

Results of the 2014 Chicago Council Survey of American Public Opinion and US Foreign Policy
by Dina Smeltz and Ivo Daalder with Craig Kafura


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Excerpt from the foreword

“This report, Foreign Policy in the Age of Retrenchment, is the first of several drawing on the 2014 Chicago Council Survey data. It focuses on the Survey’s most important finding—that Americans remain committed to an active US role in world affairs. While weary of large-scale military interventions, they support the use of force when critical national interests are threatened and favor a broad array of nonmilitary forms of international engagement. Americans are not turning inward; as they have for 40 years, they remain committed to maintaining a powerful military and a strong leadership role in international affairs to address security challenges abroad and enhance economic prosperity at home.”

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