Global Nashville with Karl Dean: Conversation with Sean Henry, Predators President & CEO | Apr 28

This episode of former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean’s conversations with community leaders featured Sean Henry, Nashville Predators President and CEO, with co-host Pat Ryan, TNWAC President. Karl asked Sean about his background and the experiences he has brought to the Predators organization. They talked about the situation for the Predators and Bridgestone arena as a result of the pandemic and shutdown of in-person events; prospects for returning to operations; and what the organization is doing during the pandemic. They talked about the “new normal” we can expect after the pandemic. Karl asked about the international dimension of the Predators and players’ experiences and outlooks about Nashville especially all of the foreign-born athletes. Sean described the locker room “melting pot” of international backgrounds of the team and the attention accorded Nashville through media in a variety of global markets. They concluded by asking Sean about the prospects for NHL games in Europe and the 20/21 season plans for the Predators to play in Switzerland and the Czech Republic.