Global Engagement News Review | Apr 28

The pandemic crisis has created a “stay at home” reality for students, teleworkers and others. The “Global Engagement” video webinar will offer a week-day, weekly or bi-weekly opportunity to talk about current international events with co-hosts Ambassador Charles Bowers and TNWAC President LCDR Patrick Ryan (USN,Ret). They will run down the week’s current global events and invite your questions and comments during the live webinar. You can participate in future programs via interactive Webinars — see You can support the TNWAC global affairs awareness programs like this one through membership, donation or sponsorship. Visit for details.

This week in the world:
1 – Covid-19 – What’s going on around the world?
2 – North Korea – Leadership Questions
3 – Israel – pending annexation of parts of the West Bank
4 – China – Wolf Warriors – Aggressive foreign policy
5 – Covid and Art – how staying at home inspires creativity