Event | CHANGE – North Korea Special Briefing

The Tennessee World Affairs Council and the
Belmont University Center for International Business invite you to

Global Dialogue: Special Briefing Program

“North Korea: Ratcheting Up Rhetoric or the Road to War?”


(vice audience at Belmont McWhorter 114)

Captain John M. Sanford, US Navy (Retired)
Former US Naval Attaché, Seoul

A Live Interactive Video Conversation

Tuesday, April 16th @ 6:00p.m.



Trouble in the Korean Peninsula has bolted to the front page. Every day brings another round of threats from the regime of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-­‐un against his neighbors and the United States. Conducting missile and nuclear weapons tests; breaking the armistice that has kept peace on the peninsula for over half a century; threatening invasion of the South and attacks against the US homeland; and restarting a nuclear reactor program capable of producing weapons grade material. Are these the usual blustery rhetorical attacks that Korea watchers have seen over the years? Or is there something different this time? How does the 30 year old ruler who inherited his father’s position as Supreme Leader two years ago factor into assessments about the threats? Where does the United States stand in this geo-­‐strategic drama? How will Washington respond to the crisis?

Join us for a conversation with John Sanford, an expert on the Korean Peninsula, to sort through these issues and your questions. Captain Sanford spent much of his Navy career focused on Northeast Asia including service as U.S. Naval Attaché in Seoul as well as numerous intelligence assignments with operational units in South Korea and at sea in the region. Captain Sanford will share his experiences, insights and perspectives on dealing with North Korea in a video teleconference session. Participants will be provided several papers authored by Captain Sanford in advance of the program. Please visit TNWAC.org for more details, to receive the background papers, to RSVP and to check for last minute venue and date/time changes.


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