Dr. Jeffrey Overby, PhD

Professor/Consultant in Marketing & International Business

Dr. Jeffrey W. Overby currently serves as Director of the Center for International Business and Professor of Marketing. His responsibilities include teaching marketing and international business at the undergraduate and graduate levels, expanding Belmont’s International Business major, establishing study abroad relationships with foreign universities, and promoting internationalization within the Jack C. Massey College of Business and the greater Nashville community. He also regularly teaches in international study programs, including recent study abroad trips to Argentina, Botswana, Chile, China, France, Japan, Philippines, Poland, South Korea, South Africa, Spain and United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Overby regularly consults with businesses and organizations specifically in the areas of customer value analysis, international branding, and multicultural marketing. His early career included six years as European Project Manager and Market Research Analyst for Entergy Corporation, four years as a graduate assistant in the College of Business at the University of Tennessee, and five years at Assistant Professor of Marketing and International Business at Florida State University. While at Entergy Corporation, he recruited and managed European direct investment projects targeted at the Middle South region of the United States, and he advised small and medium-sized business with their international marketing strategies.

Specialties: Market research & market opportunity analysis, strategic planning, market segmentation & positioning, branding, cross-cultural marketing, customer value, customer satisfaction, survey design and implementation, focus groups, economic development, export/import, and using tools such as the Global Mindset Inventory to identify candidates for overseas assignments.

Dr. Overby has lived, worked, and studied extensively in Western Europe, Eastern Canada, and South Korea. He speaks English, French, and some Spanish.