What in the World? Weekly Quiz | 2017-2018

The World Affairs Council created the “What in the World?” Weekly Quiz to inspire interest in current affairs for our members and guests, and especially for students.

Every Monday morning the quiz is posted on the Web site, on Facebook and distributed by email (to the “Quiz” sublist). Later in the week a followup is published to provide quiz answers and name the winners of the weekly quiz. At the end of the month a prize is given to one of the winners of the quizzes for the month.

The quiz also serves as a resource for students and teacher-coaches participating in Academic WorldQuest and other educational endeavors. It provides a tool to keep students engaged in global affairs awareness and serves as a guide and source for the AWQ competition current event topic area.

The questions on the quiz are drawn from the news reports shared on the @TNWAC Twitter feed marked by #TNWACquiz.

2017-18 “What in the World?” Weekly Quizzes


THE MISSION of the nonprofit, nonpartisan Tennessee World Affairs Council is to promote international awareness, understanding and connections to enhance the region’s global stature and to prepare Tennesseans to thrive in our increasingly complex and connected world.

THE VISION of  the Tennessee World Affairs Council is a well-informed community that thinks critically about the world and the impact of global events.   

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