Model Diplomacy

The World Affairs Council is developing a new program to meet its objectives of educating and inspiring the next generation of global leaders in our community.

The “Model Diplomacy” program is a simulation created by the Council on Foreign Relations. It is a National Security Council simulation that “engages college and high school students to understand the challenges of shaping and implementing foreign policy.”

Students learn through a combination of independent research using multimedia resources and direct interaction with their teachers and peers.

With an initial offering of ten case studies based on real-world issues and content informed by CFR experts, Model Diplomacy is the most comprehensive and authoritative simulation program available.

The scenarios are focused on topics ranging from climate change and international economic policy to drone strikes and humanitarian intervention. These cases offer a balance of policy relevance, geographical focus, and evergreen educational value.

Each Model Diplomacy case features extensive teaching notes, course guides, assessment exercises, supplemental research materials, videos, timelines, and maps. The teacher-led simulation can be tailored to accommodate individual classroom and student educational level and experience.

You can learn more about “Model Diplomacy” on the CFR web site HERE.  Check back to learn more about it’s implementation at the World Affairs Council, or drop us a note (email: to offer suggestions and get on the list of future participants in this exciting opportunity.

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