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Tennessee Global Scholars Certificate Program


Tennessee Global Scholars Certificate Program

Each year high school students in the Tennessee World Affairs Council area are invited to participate in the Global Studies Certificate (GSC) Program. The program is designed for students to accumulate points toward becoming Tennessee Global Scholars. A minimum of 100 points are required to qualify for the certificate which is presented at a World Affairs Council program toward the end of the school year or provided to the host school for presentation. Students need not appear at a WAC program to qualify to have a certificate issued. The program is designed for students in any setting to complete enough elements to qualify.


The program is designed for students in any setting to complete enough elements to qualify.

Many of the activities that can be used to accumulate towards completion are World Affairs Council programs (i.e. Academic WorldQuest, Weekly Quiz, etc.), however, other activities can be used. For example, the worksheet includes activities under the Sister Cities of Nashville and simulations like the Model United Nations that quality for credit.

The Council allows enough flexibility for students to request consideration of additional elements for points to meet the completion criteria.

For example, in certain locations students may not be able to easily access the same scope of programs and opportunities as in other locations. Global affairs programs may be more difficult to find in some areas so the Council will make every reasonable accommodation for students to substitute worthwhile global affairs awareness activities for programs that are not easily accessible. (i.e. if a local school does not offer Academic WorldQuest, etc.)

The program runs through May 31st of each year. Credits earned after that date count toward the following academic year’s total. However, students should submit their worksheets as soon as completed. TNWAC will process awards on a rolling basis and will work to get awards to students in time for end of year school recognition ceremonies.


  1. Register as a TGSC candidate. Link HERE
  2. Download and review the worksheet.
  3. Plan participation in activities that will earn points toward completion
  4. Ensure activities being recorded are accompanied with appropriate certification
  5. Mail the completed form to TNWAC. (c/o 309 Church St., #107, Nashville, TN 37201)

Worksheets are due at TNWAC by May 31st to be credited for the Spring 2023 award.




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