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April 2023

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The Tennessee World Affairs Council is organizing two international careers panels for students and young professionals to advance their knowledge of professions in the global arena – how to get started in those fields, what the day-to-day jobs are like and the pros and cons of working in the world.

The panels are: a multi-disciplinary group on April 12, 2023, and a panel focused on “Women in International Security Careers” on April 19, 2023. Both will be produced via Zoom Webinars and will be broadcast from 11:30a-1:00p CT.

International Career Panel: Across the Spectrum of Professions | April 12


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  • Moderator: Dr. Gretchen Neisler, Vice Provost International Affairs, University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • Panelists
    • Diplomacy: Saúl Hernández, U.S. Foreign Service, Diplomat in Residence, Southeast US
    • Peace Corps: Terrance Fluker, Tennessee Region Recruiter
    • International Finance: Sabrina Miller, Senior VP, Pinnacle Financial Partners; former Foreign (Currency) Exchange Manager

International Career Panel: Women in International Security | Apr 19


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  • Moderator: Amanda Knarr, Member TNWAC Board of Directors
  • Panelists
    • Intelligence Community: Leila Gardner, Asst Director of Intelligence, U.S. Marine Corps & U.S. Naval Reserve Commander
    • Intelligence Community: Deborah Monroe, Retired Senior Defense Intelligence Officer
    • Think Tanks/Policy: Safe Shahwan Edwards, Deputy Director of Cyber Statecraft, Atlantic Council
    • Intelligence Community: Maureen Page, DISL, Research Director, Defense Intelligence Agency

International Careers and Jobs & Women in National Security Panels
April 2023


For Immediate Release

For more information contact:
Patrick Ryan
President, Tennessee World Affairs Council
1900 Belmont Blvd.,
Nashville, TN 37212
March 21, 2023

Global affairs professionals share insights on international jobs

[Nashville] Do you wonder what jobs and careers there are working in the world? Positions number in the hundreds of thousands if not millions and the categories are in the thousands. Americans abroad work for the U.S. Government with almost every agency – diplomats, commercial services, law enforcement, Peace Corps and more – in the military and military support, international businesses of every stripe, teaching, hospitality and much more. There are tens of thousands of other global affairs jobs based in the United States: foreign owned businesses, American businesses engaging in international commerce, educational institutions, and more.

The Tennessee World Affairs Council (TNWAC) will present two panels this month to discuss a host of jobs connecting you with pros who have worked in international affairs at home and abroad. They’ll tell you what preparation was needed, what working in their piece of the world was like and what pros and cons you should keep in mind when evaluating their chosen profession.

College students, young professionals, high school students and anyone else interested in global careers are invited. University career services offices are invited to share this information on your campus.

The 90-minute sessions will leave plenty of time for you to engage the panelists.
First up, on April 12, 2023, a “multi-disciplinary” panel will cover jobs in the foreign service and State Department, the Peace Corps, international organizations like the UN and international finance..

On April 19, 2023, another panel will discuss “Women in International Security Careers,” with a diverse panel of women sharing insights and perspectives. Both panels start at 11:30am CT via Zoom Webinar.

The career panels are popular, regular features of the World Affairs Council, a nonpartisan, educational nonprofit that works to increase knowledge of the world, to open opportunities to students and young professionals, and to build bridges between Tennesseans and the world. This season’s career panels are presented by TNWAC and its partners: Belmont University, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the University of Tennessee Center for Global Engagement.

The World Affairs Council International Career Panels are free and open to all. You can get panelist bios and register through the link on the TNWAC.org home page.

The TNWAC invites you to enroll in the Council’s newsletter to stay up to date on global affairs programs and resources like the “What in the World? Weekly Quiz,” Young Professionals activities and more.

The Tennessee World Affairs Council is a 501c3 tax exempt organization and any gifts made to the Council are deductible to the fullest extent of IRS regulations. The TNWAC relies on friends to support its mission of global affairs awareness in the community and in schools. Visit TNWAC.org/donate to make your gift.




(Both programs)

Career panels provide insights on international jobs

What does “working in the world” look like? It could be any of the jobs being done by panelists in the two careers panels offered by the Tennessee World Affairs Council in April. On April 12th a broad field of specialists will talk about working in foreign service and the State Department, the Peace Corps, international organizations like the United Nations and in international finance and banking. On April 19th a panel of “Women in International Security Careers” will share insights and perspectives on their professions. Both Zoom Webinars are free, open to all, and run 11:30am-1:00pm CT. Details and registration at TNWAC.org.

(April 12th – Multi-disciplinary panel)

Global affairs professionals tell you about their careers in April 12th panel
Does a job overseas or working in the States in a job with international flavor sound interesting, but you don’t know where to start? Join the Tennessee World Affairs Council on Wednesday, April 12th to talk with Foreign Service Officer Saúl Hernández about the State Department, Tennessee Region Recruiter Terrance Flucker about service in the U.S. Peace Corps, Pinnacle Financial Senior VP Sabrina Miller about international finance, and UN Association-USA Executive Director Rachel Bowen Pittman. This 90-minute panel will offer plenty of time for you to connect with all of the fields that are of interest to you. Details and registration at TNWAC.org.

(April 19th – “Women in International Business”)

World Affairs Council offers insightful “Women in International Security Careers” panel

There are thousands of Americans working in the United States and overseas in careers related to defense, intelligence and national security. The World Affairs Council will host a panel of women who work in many of these global-minded fields to discuss preparation, what the work-life is like, and the pros and cons to consider before pursuing a career. This 90-minute panel will offer plenty of time for you to connect with the fields of interest to you. Details and registration at TNWAC.org.



Wonder about working in the world? Check in to @TNWAC career panel Webinars: April 12 – multiple career paths (foreign service, Peace Corps, int’l organization, global finance, etc.); Apr 19 – Women in National Security Careers. Both 11:30-1:00 CT. Details/registration: TNWAC.org

Global job opportunities. Talk with a foreign service officer, a Peace Corps official, an int’l organization official and a senior banker at @TNWAC career panel Apr 12 11:30am CT via Webinar. Details/registration: TNWAC.org

“Women in National Security Careers” career panel Webinar connects you on April 19 at 11:30 CT to distinguished speakers from defense, intelligence and national security to discuss preparation, what the work-life is like, and the pros and cons to consider before pursuing a career. Details and registration at TNWAC.org. @TNWAC



Good day. I hope this note finds you well.

I’m writing on behalf of the Tennessee World Affairs Council (TNWAC) with information about two international affairs careers panels being hosted in April. I’d like to invite you to share this important information with your students.

If you are not the person who can help publicize this important event could you please forward this to the appropriate person and/or advise me who to contact.
Twice a year the TNWAC organizes panels of distinguished speakers to help students and young professionals navigate many of the popular, and some of the little known, fields in global affairs where they may want to work – at home and abroad.

This season’s editions feature a multi-disciplinary panel (diplomacy, international organizations like the UN, global finance and the Peace Corps)(Apr 12) and a specialized panel called, “Women in National Security Careers (Apr 19).

These panels are presented in partnership with Belmont University, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, and the University of Tennessee Center for Global Engagement. We welcome your institution to join the program as a sponsoring partner to have your information included in the “marquee.”

Would you be so kind as to share these programs with your students via appropriate campus media?

ATTACHED you’ll find panel descriptions for use in newsletters and social media, and a press release. You can find more details and graphics at: https://www.tnwac.org/careers/

Thank you for helping your students learn about these opportunities. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or to answer your questions.

Best wishes,

Dr. Liane Hentschke
Program Coordinator, TNWAC; Consultant in
Higher Education and International Cooperation;
ISME Honorary Life Member
Tennessee World Affairs Council

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