Fundraising | Rewards and Affiliates Programs

The World Affairs Council is a nonprofit educational charity that depends on the support of its members and the community to carry out its work of educating and inspiring people to know the world. We ask you to become a member and to add the Council to your regular charity giving plans.

You can also support the World Affairs Council at no cost to you by participating in these affiliate programs.

Kroger Supermarket – take a minute to do the one-time registration of your Kroger Rewards Card as connected to the World Affairs Council educational charity. You future purchases at Kroger will count toward rewards for the World Affairs Council.  [Link]

Amazon Associates — shop the world of everything on Amazon and earn a referral reward for the World Affairs Council.  [Link]

The Tennessee World Affairs Council is a nonprofit (501c3), nonpartisan educational charity based in Nashville that works to build understanding of global issues in our communities. Learn more about the Council and find how you can join, donate and volunteer at:  — Join / Donate / Volunteer

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