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“What in the World? Weekly Quiz”

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  • Practice match scripts for local use

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Improving Global Affairs Education Outreach Programs?

Give Them The Quiz

The “What in the World?” Weekly Quiz created by the Tennessee World Affairs Council provides a fun, challenging opportunity to engage Council members, WorldQuest teams, students in the classroom, and the general public to meet many of our global affairs awareness goals. The “What in the World?” Weekly Quiz (WITWQ), produced continuously since October 2015, can enhance education outreach and Council engagement efforts, depending on your Council’s needs, by:

  • Encouraging regular news readership and current events awareness.
  • Serving as a classroom “global literacy” resource for teachers in area schools.
  • Serving as study tool for Academic WorldQuest (AWQ) teams.
  • Providing “Current Events” question bank items for AWQ practices and championship.
  • Satisfying a requirement for students working on Global Scholar Certificates.
  • Providing an additional benefit to Council members.
  • Regularly engaging community members increasing Council awareness.
  • Bringing additional visitors to the Council Web site and social media venues.
  • Providing a “product” for local media publication, spotlighting the TNWAC.
  • Providing a PowerPoint “show” at WAC events prior to program starts.
  • Serving as a “lead generator” for membership recruitment.

The “What in the World? Weekly Quiz” and supporting materials are available to sister World Affairs Councils for a modest fee.

  • What is the “What in the World?” Weekly Quiz
  • How to use the Weekly Quiz in your education outreach program?
  • What does it cost? How to start?

Read on…

What is the “What in the World?” Weekly Quiz?

 Here’s How We Do It

The TNWAC Council staff curates global news reports several times a day, Monday through Sunday via Twitter using the Council feed @TNWAC and hashtag #WACquiz. The ten-question quiz is prepared from the news cycle ending on Sunday. There will be occasional questions on general knowledge (i.e. match a country with a capital, and global flag and country map recognition).

Every Monday morning the quiz is posted online, published via email and posted to social media and distributed to subscriber Councils. It is a ten-question, multiple choice, global current events quiz drawn from news items compiled from the previous week. TNWAC includes the previous week’s winners, the monthly prize (usually a book from Amazon) and the Qs and As from the previous week’s quiz. The raw questions and answers are provided in Word Doc format to interested educators via email to use in their classrooms during the week.

Quiz-takers who access the quiz from email and social media are linked to the Quiz-Maker.com site where the weekly quiz is available. An embedded quiz is used on the Council web site version.

The weekly quiz link is added to a compilation page on the Council web site that includes every weekly quiz since the October 2015 inaugural edition.

Near the end of the quiz, before the correct answers and score are displayed, the quiz-takers are prompted to fill in “lead capture” info – email address, name and comments. This information is compiled for additions to the Council’s email list and future membership solicitation.

At the end of the week we review the results and select the quiz winners of the week. Those names are published in the next week’s quiz and serve as the candidates for a monthly quiz winner’s prize.

The quiz prize is generally a book on international affairs ordered from Amazon to be sent directly to the winner – avoiding in house handling. Occasionally a prize provided by sponsors (i.e. annual family passes to the Country Music Hall of Fame, etc.) is offered.

In addition to the winners’ names and a description of the monthly prize, the weekly web post and email include the questions and answers from the previous week along with the URLs for the source of each question.

On Sunday night we start all over again.

How to use the Weekly Quiz in YOUR education outreach program?

The Weekly Quiz can achieve a number of your education outreach objectives as discussed in the introduction. You can use the quiz, as we do at the Tennessee Council in a variety of ways – raw copy of Qs & As to educators, web site posts, social media, email newsletters, sharing with local newspapers and campus media, and other creative outlets.

When subscribing to the “What in the Word?” Weekly Quiz service you’ll receive an informative guide on deploying the quiz, including promotion of regular current events reading through the @WACquiz on Twitter.

You can choose to (A) use the Quiz-Maker.com version of the quiz that we produce or (B) use the quiz questions we provide to customize a Quiz-Maker.com (or other application) version of the quiz.

Early on Monday of each week you will receive an email that includes:

● A Word document of the new week’s ten question quiz with answers and URLs to the source reporting.
● A link to the new week’s online quiz resident on Quiz-Maker.com. Ready for you to distribute.
● A WITWQ graphic to use in your media to embed the quiz link.
● A spreadsheet with the previous week’s quiz data.

The data provided will include: identifying information: email, name and comments; individual’s answers for each question; and score. Lead capture information from your council is not used by TNWAC for any purpose other than forwarding the spreadsheet to the parent council.

How can you deploy the “What in the World?” Weekly Quiz? You have options based on your communication strategy. It can be as simple as sending the link to your members and others in FaceBook or Twitter, or can be as expansive as you choose, such as web site postings and emails that you create or through your already existing newsletter service.

● Do you want to disseminate the link to the Quiz hosted by TNWAC on Quiz-Maker.com – with results provided to you the following week?
● Or… Do you want to customize your distribution of the quiz?
● Do you want to associate a local prize with your WITWQ?
● Are there teachers in your area who would appreciate getting this valuable resource directly from you every week?
● Do you want to offer it to your local newspaper or school district or college campuses for publication?

TNWAC will assist on how to make best use of the quiz in your Council.

The quizzes are archived online so you can always have access to the questions, answers and reference links for future use, such as Academic WorldQuest practices and local competitions.

What does it cost? How to start?

The Tennessee World Affairs Council looks forward to providing its sister Councils with this useful education outreach tool that has proven effective in encouraging an interest in current events, serving as a tool for the Academic WorldQuest program, and increased attention in the community for the organization and its mission.

To help cover production, online licensing cost and overhead we ask for a modest subscription fee in exchange for the “What in the World? Weekly Quiz” every week.

Members of the World Affairs Councils of America network. $100.00 per month

Six month rate: $600.00

To get started – use the form below for a credit card purchase or pay by check made to <Tennessee World Affairs Council>. 

Mail to: Tennessee World Affairs Council, 1900 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212.

Dr. Liane Hentschke, Executive Director, TNWAC, at (309) 550-0782‬ or at THIS email.




THE MISSION of the nonprofit, nonpartisan Tennessee World Affairs Council is to promote international awareness, understanding and connections to enhance the region’s global stature and to prepare Tennesseans to thrive in our increasingly complex and connected world.

THE VISION of  the Tennessee World Affairs Council is a well-informed community that thinks critically about the world and the impact of global events.