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Global Focus is a Tennessee World Affairs Council flagship program designed to bring distinguished leaders from the United States and around the world into our communities, schools, businesses, organizations and homes through the use of Webcasts.

Global Focus connects thought leaders, decision makers and specialists with live audiences and provides an archive of important conversations for future use.

The Global Focus international affairs Webcast was launched in August 2014 and provides, at least monthly, an opportunity to talk about current developments, long term trends and important topics from across the spectrum. In addition to a regularly scheduled monthly Webcast we will add additional broadcasts as panelist availability and developments in the world dictate. So stay up to date with our calendar.

Our next Global Focus Webcast

America & The World

Join us for a one-hour interactive Webinar


A Panel Discussion With

Ambassador Charles Bowers
United States Foreign Service, Retired

Dr. Jeffrey Overby
Director, Center for International Business, Belmont University

Susan Haynes
Adjunct Professor, Bethel University

Patrick W. Ryan
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy Retired

Panelists Biographies & More Info – Link Here

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

10-11 am Central / 11-12 am Eastern

REGISTRATION REQUIRED – Seats limited – RSVP to for registration access link

Participate in our live Webcast with your questions for a distinguished panel that will provide a tour d’horizon of American foreign policy challenges. They will share their insights and perspectives — from a broad experience base across diplomacy, academia, business, and military and intelligence service — on the current international crises and hotspots and offer commentary on the courses of action that lie ahead for American policy makers.

Our most recent Global Focus Webcast

August 20, 2014

Mr. Rami Khouri

Crises in the Middle East

Mr. Rami Khouri (r) talks with host Patrick Ryan about crises in the Middle East.

Here you can find the calendar of Global Focus Webcasts, reference materials that provide context to the broadcasts and archives of previous guests. We look forward to having you join us for our next Global Focus broadcast and suggest you sign up for the TNWAC newsletter list so you can stay informed about all our upcoming programs.

The Tennessee World Affairs Council wishes to thank the following sponsors for making Global Focus possible.

  • Sam & Diane Glasgow of Cookeville, Tennessee
  • Ryan & Associates of Nashville, Tennessee
  • Belmont University, Center for International Business, Nashville, Tennessee
  • of Nashville, Tennessee

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