Welcome to Global Dialogue — a program of the Tennessee World Affairs Council that offers a casual but structured discussion session for people to share their perspectives on current issues in global developments. Learn about these informative sessions and check the calendar (below) with links to individual discussion group details and registration information.

Global Dialogue is an off the shelf program that educators can tailor to their classroom needs to educate and inspire students on global affairs awareness.  It can be offered as an adjunct to other World Affairs Council education outreach programs like the Academic WorldQuest competition, the “What in the World?” Weekly quiz and the Global Scholars Certificate program.  Contact the World Affairs Council education outreach staff to learn how to adapt Global Dialogue to your students’ needs.

Why: Global Dialogue is a discussion program organized by the Tennessee World Affairs Council. The purpose is to bring people together to learn more about the pressing international issues of the day, to exchange insights and perspectives and to achieve an understanding about the challenges facing America in the world.

How: Global Dialogue sessions are informal, salon-like gatherings held in areas convenient to the participants — downtown coffee shops, library meeting rooms, classrooms at colleges and schools. Participants review materials assembled on the www.TNWAC.org web site in advance of the session to be prepared to engage in conversation with their neighbors and colleagues. Sessions are facilitated by a group leader, and may include a specialist to provide background and context, but the Global Dialogue sessions will ensure everyone gets to share their views of the issues.



When: Global Dialogue sessions will meet about once a month at a regular date/time/venue. Participants can go to as many different meetings in the same month as they choose. We anticipate having a monthly session on the Belmont University campus. Additional Global Dialogue sessions will be scheduled depending on demand.

Where: Global Dialogue session venues currently include the Belmont University campus. They have included coffee shops and libraries in downtown Nashville and the Green Hills area. Additional locations may be added in coming months depending on demand. Check back for details.

Who: Global Dialogue sessions are designed for the community to get together and share their perspective on important global issues. They are not limited to specialists or people with international affairs backgrounds. The Tennessee World Affairs Councils encourages local groups to get together, with or without Council coordination, under the rubric of Global Dialogue sessions, wherever is most convenient. Contact the council at TennesseeWAC@tnwac.org for materials and tips. Participants in council organized Global Dialogue sessions will be encouraged to become members of the Tennessee World Affairs Council after attending their initial event.

What: Register for the sessions on the topic page to our calendar here: World Affairs Council calendar.

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